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P.A.L. Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Potier, Aze et Lecorsier of 196/198 bld Voltaire, Paris, founded 1902.

1905. Motorcycles with 2½ and 3hp engines by Buchet. There is a record which states that in 1904 the Succès marque used P.A.L. engines.

Later the firm became Ets Potier Lecorcier building the 113cc Velotouriste, and around 1930 it was taken over by JP, Ets Jeanne and Philippe. The P.A.L. name remained in use until at least 1931, catalogues advertising a range of motorcycle accessories.

The JP firm still existed in the 1950s and marketed the mopeds La France, Salmson [1], Messina (Paris) and Aquilon from the original Paris address.

Paris Salon, 1922
Velotouriste 60x40 mm., two-stroke unit designed to fit under bottom bracket of a pedal cycle. The crankshaft is at right angles to a countershaft, from which the final drive is taken.

N.B. 1. There was also a Salmson of Billancourt (SMS), builders of cyclecars and automobiles.

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