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Paul Vallée Motos

A Brief History of SICRAF

Manufactured: 1949-1954
S.I.C.R.A.F (Societe Industrielle de Construction et de Recherches Automobiles de France)
Rue Sadi Carnot, Aubervilliers (Seine)

The firm produced commercial triporteurs, light motorcycles, microcars and two-stroke scooters using 125cc and 175cc engines from Aubier-Dunne and Ydral.

The first of his scooters, the S.149, appeared at the 1949 Paris Salon fitted with a 125cc Aubier-Dunne 3-speed engine and bore a resemblance to the Lambretta. The version presented at the 1952 Salon had a 4-speed Ydral 125, and the following year the B.O.54 model appeared in grand tourisme and grand luxe versions with 125 or 175cc engines.

Later scooters were of a different style with two-tone paint, and are rare collectors items.

The 1949 scooter evolved into a three-wheeler utility. In 1952, in addition to the scooter at the Salon was the Chantecler, a very cute microcar. This did not enter production until 1956, and only around 200 were produced. Fine examples change hands for considerable sums.

Paul Vallée died unexpectedly on April 3, 1957.

Sources: Club Ydral, Amis Terriens

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