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Rasser Motorcycles

In 1922 they advertised a model with a Béchir & Collin 250cc engine and a 2-speed gearbox (options of 3 and 4 speed). There was also a Moto Grand Sport model with a Bradshaw 500cc OHV oil-cooled engine with a truly Trumpian claimed top speed.

The machine pictured, belonging to the Chapleur Collection, has been discussed at some length. Didier Mahistre writes, "Emile Rasser était fier de son cadre en U et de sa fourche qu'il affichait sur ses réservoir Breveté S.G.D.G" là cela n'est pas cohérent........Mais je ne sais pas tout et je peux me trompé mais il faut m'amener le document idoine!" (Emile Rasser was proud of his U-shaped frame and fork that he displayed on his Brevet é S.G.D.G. that is not consistent..." To which Jean Baptiste Chapleur replies, "This motorcycle was our dear Emile's personal bike. Knowing our pilot, he surely has changed his machine to suit his needs! I didn't say it was a catalog model but I won't allow to change the bike of such an illustrious rider..."

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