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Manufactured by Pagis et Cie of 27, av. of the Grande Armée, Paris, at their factory in rue d'Amiens, Albert (Somme), next door to that of the well-established Hurtu).

Built under license to Rochet Bruneau.

Born in 1851, Henri Pagis, learned to ride a wooden bicycle and a few years later he won his first medal. He was a founding member of the l'Union vélocipédique parisienne and was its president for 20 years. In 1875 he rode a bicycle 1,254 kilometers over 13 days from Paris to Austria. At the time he was in the military, and was found guilty of being AWOL as a result.

At the dawn of the new millenium Pagis formed a company and began manufacturing bicycles. His first known catalogue dates from 1905 and features, in addition to bicycles, two motorcycles, claiming that they were built by former Rochet engineers in the new Régina factory.

Regina model nº1 and nº2 both appeared in 1905, the model 2 with Simms-Bosch magneto ignition. Model nº3 arrived in 1907, powered by a 3½ h.p. Rochet engine (bore/stroke 85 x 80 mm).

Models nº5 and nº6 were marketed in 1908-1909, and appear to have been built by Rochet. No further motorcycles appeared in the catalogues of later years.


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N.B. Several firms used the name Regina.

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