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30-Jul-2019 peter.marke
1970 Capri
Hi There, just wonder if you have any contacts that might have a speedo cable for my Capri?
Or do you know any companies that can supply one?
Thanks in advance

  • There is a company in Australia which may be able to help -

mulliganbryan1 at
Capri 100
Hi I am looking for all cables and kick start for a 1968 Capri 100 which I am getting ready to restore
Bryan Mulligan

Wed Nov 06 2013
Moto capri 1957, 49cc
Capri GT 1957
Ciao, sto cercando i seguenti componenti per il mio 1957 Capri (Demm motore 49cc):
Coperchio motore piatti.

Apprezzo qualsiasi aiuto, io vivo a Campana, provincia di Buenos Aires, Argentina.
La ringrazio molto,
Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina

English: Hi, I'm looking for the following components for my 1957 Capri (49cc Demm engine): Chain-covers. Flat engine cover. -Seat. Rear Farol.
Appreciate any help, I live in Campana, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
This is a Capri made in Argentina. Possibly more info here: Capri Argentina

Wed Sep 25 2013
can't find parts
1962 Capri Meccanica Garelli VIN 1656698
I need the gear, spring, and nut that the kickstart gear drives

Sat Sep 24 2011
aldohanson<at>gmail dot com
Happy days!
Capri (1961) Bog standard 50cc
In summer 1962 I went from London to Athens (via France & Italy - Rome, Naples, Brindisi, then ferry, Corfu, Igoumenitsa) and back through Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland & France, 5017 miles on my 50cc Capri scooter.
London UK & Key Largo USA


Further to your our correspondence (your email below) I've been writing a feature for my next year's (2012) school magazine that starts:
FIFTY YEARS AGO, during my last year at school, I applied for one of the school's travelling awards for a trip by moped to Athens and back with two fellow pupils .....
In the event, we were awarded enough to buy a small motor cycle (a Puch Cheetah) and a motor scooter (a Capri) and pay for the trip.
You get the drift?

Anyway, on thinking about it, the Puch was 50cc but maybe my bog-standard official UK-import Capri was 70cc and not the 50cc I wrote earlier?  I mention this for the sake of accuracy. It was all so long ago ....!


Thu May 26 2011
garelli capri
looking for a carburettor model me 16 bs,16mm for garelli capri 1960 60cc

Sun Sep 12 2010
capri 100cc 1967
looking for front lense a red plastic comes in3 pieces+ a set of points

Tue Jun 01 2010
wiggie2008<at>live dot com
agrelli Capri 80 60's
looking for any help finding spare parts ie eng and gear box parts coil clutch etc or even re-build kit.
Adelaide south Australia

Wed Aug 05 2009
lucas-022 at hotmail dot com
conseguir informacion
capri 1959
tengo una capri con motor demm 49cc y quisiera saber toda la historia de la motocicleta y si es posible una copia del manual

Mon Jan 19 2009
nflint at blancocanada dot com
Need Info on Capri 125 off road
Capri Not known
Someone is selling a Capri 125 off road (maybe Enduro or MX ?) 75 - 78. I can find no info on this.
Can you offer any info at all?

Sun Aug 31 2008
autoworks147 at
rear lamp
capri 80
any one can let me know how to get a hold of a rear lamp unit for a capri 80 1960
many thanks nick
leicester (uk)

Fri Mar 07 2008
autoiconinc at yahoo dot com
Spare parts for 1961 Capri 80cc?
1961 Agrati Garelli Capri 80cc
Are there any sources out there?
The piece that pushes the manual choke in is gone...any ideas?
Los Angeles

See Agrati-Garelli-Capri-1961-80cc

Fri Nov 16 2007
l.hudston at
Engine and Frame numbers
Capri 80cc Scooter
Can you tell me please where I can find the engine and frame numbers on this bike.

See Agrati-Capri-80cc

this one appears to be an Agrati-Garelli Capri.

Wed Aug 22 2007
mbucalossi at
capri 150 super
had a lovely capri scooter in the early 70's bought it for £30 it was red and white and never let me down some local bikers pinched it and used it for tracking, found it again then sold it to the rag and bone man for£ to own one now,so if anyone has a restored one they like to sell the monies waiting.cheers

Wed Jun 06 2007
gantinamomon at yahoo dot com
ask about capri 80
i would like to ask about manual book of capri 80, and all about it (capri 80) 'cause i have one of capri 80, and i would like to restoration it.Thank's before.
Ps:please give me a answer ASAP

Wed Feb 07 2007
horacioroces at hotmail dot com
Capri 1957

Tengo ua Capri 49 cc esta restaurada y me faltan algunas piezas. ( farol trasero, cubrecadena, chapas cubremotor )quisiera saber como conseguirlas. Muchas gracias
Rosario, Argentina

Mon Mar 13 2006
robdavies05 at
Hi i have a capri98 panel badge 4 sale if anyone is interested.

Fri May 20 2005
ron.bongers1 at
garelli capri junior IV 1965
Please can anyone help me to get the abovementioned type Garelli.

September 14, 2002

I think I can add something to your fantastic web site.
I own a 1964 Capri turismo de lux moped. 50 cc
It only has done 30 kilometers in 38 years. It has been untouched in an Italian dealers warehouse all the time as unsold stock.

The little bike has a 4 speed gearbox selected by the left-hand twistgrip. On the engine is a "Mosquito" logo but it is the same engine as fitted on the Garelli's of that period. Front fork, rear suspension, is also Garelli.

The mark " agrati monticello " is pressed in the rims. This mark is also found on the rims of the 60's Garelli's .

I suspect it was built by Garelli but I'm not sure.

A friend of mine has the same moped. The only difference is that his moped has an earles type front fork. But this thing has Garelli logo's on petrol tank and engine. Garelli themselves built a Capri 50 in the 1960's, but this was a motorscooter.

Anyone out there who can shine a light on this?

Many thanks in advance.
Ton van de Rijt
Tilburg- The Netherlands.
tonton at

See Capri-Garelli-2

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