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Agrati Garelli Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque
Launched in 1958 (or perhaps earlier), the Agrati company produced cyclemotors and scooters including the Capri of 70cc, 80cc and 125cc, the Rex Monaco and the 48cc Como. In 1960 it merged with Garelli and used the name Agrati Garelli until 1965 (or 1968?).

Agrati Scooters

Agrati Capri 70 1958-1961
Agrati Capri 80 1960-1962
Agrati Como 50 1960-1966
Agrati Capri 98 1961-1963
Agrati Capri 50 1961-1962
Agrati Super Capri 125 1961-1966
Agrati Capri 50 Sachs 1961-1962
Agrati Capri 125 De Lux 1962-1963
Agrati Capri 50 1963-1970
Agrati Capri 100 1963-1970
Agrati Super Capri 125 1965-1970
Agrati Super Capri 150 1965-1970
Garelli Lido 1960
Garelli 574R (Monaco) 1961-1964
ASE Capri 90 1959-1965
ASE Capri Super Luxus 100/94 1965-1968

Sources: Henshaw and others

Tue May 23 2017
r.kanning at
Gear adjusment Agrati Garelli Capri 50
Garelli Capri 50
Hello, can you help me to find data or a manual about adjusting the gear cables fom the garelli capri 50 4 speed. i can not find it. Thanks you very much in advance.

Richard Kanning

Wed Dec 24 2014
robertaddington1 at
Agrati Como
Hello, I have just bought an Agrati Como 50cc scooter and need help with registering it and a dating certificate also an inlet manifold and rear light lens, any help would be great, Thanks in advance, Rob

Thu Oct 06 2011
bob.turner59 at
agrati garelli capri
There is a website called "Where is it" that shows a photo of an agrati garelli capri, They would like to Know where the photo was taken.

Where is it?

Wed Dec 29 2010
wiggie2008<at>livedot com
agrati capri
agrati capri 80
I have just completed a rebiuld of capri 80 custom and am having trouble getting it to run it has spark and new fuel but does not want to fire??? any help would be great . It just runs mag points and coil no charging system. carbie has been stripped and cleaned .Please help.

Tue Aug 11 2009
juha-8 at hotmaildot com
agrati garelli capri 100cc 1969
1969 capri
i need some parts for this model.i need complet cylinder pac. sorry for my bad english do you have this parts?
swe, gouthenbourg

Fri Mar 06 2009
lunch at
What price?
Agrelli Capri 100
My old Capri has been returned to me after being stored the last 30 years in various garage. It has done 2-3000 miles and it is nearly complete, lacking a rubber mat and a rear light lens cover. It was hand painted a few years ago and this has held most of the rust at bay. I understand it started last time someone tried. I could supply a more complete description but seek guidance as to what price I should set in Ebay or offer it on your site or anywhere else.

Thanks for your help

Hull, England

Tue Jul 29 2008
gnady01 at
Info on moped
Agrati Garelli Supersport
I'm trying to find out some information on this moped. How many cc's trying to get a title

Sat May 31 2008
calker at
Agrati super luxus 100cc
Agrati Capri Super Luxus
I am after a rear hub and a wheel for ny Scooterif you can help
South Australia

Mon Mar 31 2008
autoiconinc at yahoodot com
Piston or Cylinder Shroud?
Agrati Garelli Capri 80cc (1961)
Looking for a piston shroud. Anybody?
Los Angeles, CA

Fri Oct 05 2007
kevin at
Agrati Capri
My website for Agrati Capris has now changed to

Now with tons of new stuff
Isle Of Wight

Sat Sep 15 2007
jkhav1 at
oil gas mix ratio
agrati-garelli duoped 1970
We need to know the proper oil gas mix for the duoped. Do you know the ratio?

Thu Aug 23 2007
davidlaik at
Agrati Capri advice!
Agrati Capri 50 CC

I am thinking about buying an agrati capri 50cc -62, check out the link to the add (swedish); (404)

What is a resonable price for this? Are they easy to trim? Is it easy to get spare parts, or do they not need that much service? What fule does it run on? I would appreciate some advice on this alot!!

Thu Apr 19 2007
Agrati garelli capri
superluxus 100
any information relating to this model gratefully accepted. Thiis scooter doesn't have the swingarm, chain and sprocket setup. It has a lambretta style engine. I haven't managed to find anything about it. Can anyone help?
yorkshire, england

Fri Dec 29 2006
rossbuilders at btinternetdot com
any information on agrati 80cc capri
please help for restoration
york england

Sun May 07 2006
gabriele.pianura at
50 cc
i have an agrati mod como and i needed some photos if that is possible . when is finishing the restorage i send the photos at this site to make a little archive

Mon May 01 2006
anthonybigdogwhiting at yahoodot com
agrati garelli need parts for clutch
1984 super sport-mfd.
i cant find any parts for this model and i need some help. Is there anyone that would no anywere to find them?

Sat Sep 24 2005
artfuldodger79 at hotmaildot com
capri scooters (a total rebuild)

Fri Sep 09 2005
Gregbb at
Agrati Capri Scooter
I have inherited a Capri 80 from my father. It runs but needs a full cosmetic restoration. Does anyone have advice as to parts availabilty and year model identification

Mon Aug 22 2005
sjg at aoldot com
agrati-garelli motorcycle
i have a agrati-garelli motorcycle it is a bantan or bantam? but i can't find it out there it's in very good cond. and only 520 mi. on it i was just wondering if you would have any info on it. thank you.

It's probably a Garelli Bantam Cross or similar, listed under Garelli. Do you have picture? Ed.

Mon Aug 22 2005
drew.baldwin at
Capri 80, ca 1960/61
Hi! at the death of my father, i have the opportunity to take ove a Capri 80 of the above date. It needs restoring of course, after sitting in the garage since 1976 (surface rust, straightening out of leg guards, motor clean etc) yet i don't have the skills or the time. I'm loath for my mother to sell it to another as it has sentimental value, yet restoration needs to be done by someone else. Can you give me some advice as to how I can go forwrad with restoration, what kind of value the scooter might have in its present condition, what kind of costs might be involved in restoration etc. I need to decide whether i want to take this on - my situation is further complicated as I now live in Sweden. many thanks for any thoughts or comments. Drew Baldwin

Restoration is a time-consuming affair, Drew, as you are aware. To have a professional do it will end up costing much more than the machine is ever likely to be worth. However, it would be worth contacting your local scooter shops (if any) to ask further advice. You just never know, there may be someone keen to take on the project for the fun and satisfaction of it. Ed.

Sun Aug 21 2005
poulinac at aoldot com
1957 Agrati REX, KL55
I have located a 1957 Agrati REX, KL55 in my area and was wondering if you have any information on this bike. Please send me anything you have, pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Wed Aug 10 2005
jcvg55 at
What is the colour used in 1962
Hi there,
I would like to know what colour the galleri capri 1962 was painted. If you have any pictures please send them to [email]
Thank you for your help

Tue Jul 26 2005
kevin at
Agrati Capri 80cc
I own an Agrati Capri, which I have completely rebuilt. If I can be of help to anybody, feel free to contact me.

Tue Jul 05 2005
clarrobe at aoldot com
kick start
I am trying to find a kickstart for 1965 capri 80cc scooter Any out there .
Many thanks Rob

Mon Jun 20 2005
ap001g6281 at
capri 80
hi,were can you source parts, manual etc for 1961. Any clubs in england, any contacts?

Tue Jun 21 2005
capri 80
hi, have found reference to capri 50 scooter but not 80, can you help with any information,
Garelli Capri 80 Scooter

Sun Jun 05 2005

Gradymail at AOLdot com
Are there any places to get parts for a Garelli Agrati scooter. Maybe in the USA

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005
subject: aile de scooter agrati capri
message: je suis à la recherche de 2 ailes de scooter agrati capri 70

December 24th 2004
There is a small amount of information in Italian, with images, of Agrati Garelli Scooters here: [404]
donut22 at hotmaildot com

February 6, 2002
Hello! I own an Agrati garelli Como scooter, very well restored with original documents. I want to sell it to restore another bike. I live in Italy, Milan. If anyone is interested please write. -- folli at

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