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Garelli history notes:

Made in Italy from 1919 to 1991
Also Brazil & Argentina c1985-1998
Some models including possibly the KL100 were fitted with Sachs engines. KL125s were fitted with Parilla engines. The KL150 Gladiator has a horizontal single very similar to an Aermacchi.

Garelli History

ryancurtis517 at
model- Garelli Eureka year-1972
Can any one help me
I have recently brought this moped but got no paper work with it been told I need proof of year manufacture before I get a m.o.t the fram number is HM00436
Mr Ryan Curtis
United Kingdom

    If you find a useful source for this information please let us know so it can be added to this page: Documentation

sgw270754 at
Garelli Concorde 2speed 1967
Hi. I am looking to purchase 2 40mm standard piston rings for the above machine. Can you help with possible suppliers please.
Steve Williams
Cannock Staffs

Moped Resources may provide information.
kellan1 at
Garelli Tiesse - GFM50QT-2 Moped year ? 2010 ?
I am looking for brake lever, my moped was knocked over and the lever has snapped, i am struggling to find a replacement, can you please add any links etc where i could purchase one from, would be most grateful
Kelvin Langford
London. UK

Is there a brand name on the lever assembly?. It is possibly the same as other makes/models.
Garelli lever image posted to Comments

corcoranj234 at
Garelli Junior cross
I i am a seat restorer /upholsterer , have just covered a Garrelli Junior Cross but have lost the metal badge that fits the rear of the seat .. do you have any contacts / links .. many thanks
John Corcoran
United Kingdom

Try this page for Badges & Decals at Bikelinks
russell500 at
garelli tiger cross 1974
hi do u have gear cover plate for back pedal and tank rubbers and tank tap and rear foot pegs for a tiger cross
daniel russell
United Kingdom

    Sorry, this is an information site only. We do not sell parts.

sales at green tick
1969 Garelli 555 M4
I have a nice complete Garelli, not sure is it is a monza, record, 555 junior or what. The frame is stamped Garelli 555 M4 IGM 289 0M. Can anyone help with dating or production Italian log book states 1969. Also the bike has fallen over at some point and needs the frame straightening, does anyone have or know how I can get hold of the blue prints so I can get the correct frame angles to reset the frame angles?
diegoranieri1996 at
gar mar 4
i have at home one gar mar 4, but i don't know anything about it. have you some information? value?
thanks a lot
(sorry for my english)
Best regardes.
Italy, Parma

    Sorry, cannot identify it from that image. Do you have a photo of the complete machine please?
    (More images were sent)
    Understand now that the "machine" is an outboard engine. Sorry, have no information on outboards.
    Garelli-Gar-Mar image posted to Comments

jds1 at
I saw your jpg of a Garelli Mosquito 50 Gran Turismo drawing and thought i would attach a photograph of my restored working one,but kept the vintage patina where possible apart from tires, electrics and even has the original damaged seat under the period cover .
I can take better photo's if you would like. I also have a Motom (1957) Moto-Guzzi Guzzino (1953) and restoring to the road, an Itom Junior (1964)
thank you for you very informative website, really handy!
jerry sullivan
United Kingdom

Garelli-50-GT-JSu Image posted to Comments.
bill397 at
Garelli Bimatic? 1974
I have recently bought this Garelli moped which I believe is a Bimatic without any documentation but with a UK reg number. How do you go about getting docs for the bike. Glad of any info.
William Thomas

The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share. Documentation
markmessham at
garelli tsr125 year 1983
owners handbook required any ideas
mark messham
isle of man
mickdougal at msn dot com
Garelli Team 50
I am now the proud owner of a Garelli Team 50 moped. It has been imported and has a NOVA number. I believe I need a dating letter from a trusted organisation to proceed with the registration form. I have both the engine and frame numbers. Would your organisation be able to assist me in this? If not would you be able to provide details of an organisation that would be in a position to help?
I hope you are well.
Mick Dougal

  • The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share. Documentation
    Garelli-1993c-50cc-Team-Bimatic-ES img posted to Comments.

djpeters at
Garelli Katia 1975/6
Trying to identify the oringinal colour code. It is a 'lime green??'
Can you help
David Peters
Aberdeen, Scotland
sodadzija at
1996 TGB Garelli
I need paper that the engine can not go faster than 45 km / h because I can not register motoror without that paper in my country, I would like to ask you for help

29-Jan-2019 at
Garelli 50 Super Sport 1960
I have several Garelli's from the year 1960, and am I looking for a maintenance book? who can help me with that, can also be a copy.
Yours sincerely
walter criel
  • Garelli-1960-50cc-Super-Sport images posted to Comments

gjdavies2016 at
Garelli 1973/4
Please can you help identify which model this is and how do I find a replacement fuel tank. It has been off the road since 1978 and has covered only 1,740miles and run sweetly.
Somerset UK

  • Unable to identify precise model. Moped Resources may have more information.
    Garelli-1970s-Moped-GDavies.jpg posted to Comments

dave at
Garelli Mosquito 1950's
Hi can anyone help to identify the maker and year of this Mosquito 50cc moped, the motor just has Mosquito - not Garelli, the front emblem has Rossignoli they were a bicycle manufacturer but I haven't been able to find any information that they built mopeds!
dave neto
Cape Town, South Africa
  • There is a mention of Rossignoli under MAV
    Garelli-1950s-Mosquito-Za image posted to Comments

markarmstrong62 at
Capri super 125 ?1966 D-reg
I am looking for a rear wheel carrier
Carlisle UK

juliejbruce at
garelli rekord granturismo
hi I am trying to find a date of manufacture to register a garelli record granturismo 50cc. engine number E 085044. on frame GP 09991, DGM 81190M, garelli 145 112201. any help would be greatly appreciated
william bruce, sunderland uk

Wed, 11 Apr 2018
johnrenshaw900 at
Garelli Katia

Hi, I bought a Garelli Katia about 5 years ago with a view to registering it for the road.It has never been registered before.On the headstock there is a plate with 00195 stamped.On the actual headstock itself is stamped...DGM 10789 OM...Garelli 601.On the engine is stamped...DGM 10046 OM...2073.04...*HO 45486*. Any help with verifying the year of manufacture would be a great help in getting it registered for the road.. Thank you...
Kind Regards
john renshaw
Dukinfield United Kingdom

Sun, 11 Feb 2018
petevine at
garelli katia mk

hi ive tried various manuals for this machine but none show the type of clutch and how to service it . mine has a kick start no pedals and appears to have no cover for exposed rubber is this correct,and how do you remove it to replace .it just revs and slips hardly any drive .
peter gordon vine
chester United Kingdom

Sun, 31 Dec 2017
nadno1 at
garelli broncco 1969 TC/4

hello, any idea where owners manuals or clutch information and or parts may be had for a restoration project on this little mini/ motorcycle
Neal Derochie
sioux city, iowa 51103 USA

  • For parts sources try Bikelinks, and for a manual this page may help: Books and Manuals

Thu, 21 Sep 2017
simonpreston64 at
Garelli HS

Hi I have found a 1974/5 Garelli frame and engine VIn starts with HS* could you identify model? is it worth anything
Simon Preston
limerick Ireland

  • Garelli-HS-Ireland.jpg posted to Comments

Wed, 30 Aug 2017
peterthea at
reperatie monza type354 bzkw

Hallo: Ik ben op zoek naar een krukas garelli monza dat is een krukas met dichte wangen
de WIT
Hoogezand Netherlands

Translation: Hello: I'm looking for a crankshaft garelli monza that's a crankshaft with tight cheeks.

Sun, 13 Aug 2017
almeida.rui1 at
Garelli 60'

Hello from Switzerland, Can you help me to identify this model please? Thanks for your help. Regards
Geneve Switzerland

Engine # 5019837 47cm3 CH, Frame # L50477 TS-5424
Image posted to Comments

Tue May 09 2017
paulflanders at
Rare garelli
Garelli TSR 125
I'm keen to find out about a model of Garelli I've never heard of. A TSR 125. I've been offered it in px and can't find any information about them. Apparently it has a liquid cooled moto motorini engine and is like an RD 125. Can you shed any light on what it is and what they are like. Good points and bad. Thanks Paul
Isle of Man

Wed Feb 15 2017
Cheryl77786 at
Garelli Katia
I recently purchased 3 garelli katias one has registration and numbers but the other 2 are stripped down I was wondering if you could some how get registration of the chassis numbers as they are still clear on the frame
North east England

Mon Aug 15 2016
supersheena at
Confirmation Date of Manufacture
Garelli qty 2 x GFM50qt-2 qty 3 x BT49QT-12
Hi, I need confirmation of the date of manufacture for 5 scooters, I have the COC but the DVLA need an additional letter from an owners club. Can you help please? Kind Regards,
Staffordshire UK

Sun Feb 21 2016
lr4n2 at
garelli kl 5v de 1977
garelli kl 5v cross
bonjour avez vous des pieces de garelli kl 5v de 1977 ou des contactes pour moi acheter

<eiuolsirrom34 at>
east sussex UK
garelli, gran torismo, aprox 1971
dating certificate
how do i get a dating certificate for a garelli gran torismo 50cc


Sat Sep 26 2015
cgall576 at
Title recovery
Garelli Super sport XL
Hello, I am inquiring about a 1977 Garelli SSXL from a local antique shop but they dont have a title for the bike only bill of purchase and psosibly a former registration. Is there a VIN or anyway to recover a missing title or registration?
Louisville, Ky, USA

Wed Aug 12 2015
marlon at
workshop manual
garelli 1967 junior sport
I am looking for a workshop manual for a 1967 Garelli junior sport 50cc
South Africa

Tue May 13 2014
rijerkerk at
Garelli rekord buddy-seat
1967 rekord
We want to compleet our garelli rekord, the only thing we need is a Buddy-seat/selle/sattel. We are looking for a building drawing. Thanx Vallentina
Lisse Amsterdam

Sun Feb 02 2014 muxi-63 at 1985 Garelli rally sport sl Garelli rally Sport sl clutch rebuild kit or place to order parts from portsmouth, va

Sat Dec 28 2013
how to register
garelli katia
I have bought a Garelli Katia that has never been registered or rode with 1 mile on the clock.I would like to know how I can register it and get it on the road.

Wed Nov 20 2013
DGM 8055
Document for Garelli Garelli Gulp
Sto cercando il documento DGM 8055 per immatricolare il mio vecchio Garelli Gulp. La MTCC mi chiede questo documento che non conosco.

Mon Sep 23 2013
Drive roller
garelli mosquito 35 387 cc
Hi..finally got engine to run.Took it out for maiden voyage and lost sleeve that fits over drive roller that turns back wheel.anyone know where I can get one???

Sat Aug 31 2013
bat baby
garelli bat baby
please could you give me a rough idea my bike is worth
manchester uk

Wed Aug 14 2013
garelli 50 cc basic zagae163 3em0004716 1985
i need carbutor kit

Wed May 29 2013
date of manufacture
Garelli 38A Mosquito
I am trying to find a date of manufacture for the 38A mosquito that I recently acquired so that I can register it with DVLA in the UK
The only info I have is the engine number which is 564360.Any help would be greatly appreciated
Somerset, England

Mon May 27 2013
Sell &#8203;&#8203;GARELLI AGIP 2T KATIA M 50 CC LH 50058 10/11/1976 in defective condition clutch is rasipan.Doneseno is italy from your company poklon.Nemozham how to fix it because it is the only one in Bitola, Macedonia. Are you interested to sell you? Please wait for reply thanks in advance bye
Bitola . Macedonia (FYROM)

Mon Jan 14 2013
Dati tecnici
Garelli Agrati

Cerco i dati tecnici di questa moto. Se mi potressti aiutare perfavore. Grazie

Saluti Marcello

Engine Number: 414.104.903
Frame Number: MG 00579

Mon Aug 13 2012
Registration in the UK
Garelli Gulp Matic Lusso
My wife bought this moped when she was a teenager, late 70s. At the time, a moped did not need to be registered in Italy, so there is no official documentation. We would like to take it back to the UK for registration and use there, but the DVLA require at least some proof of provenance or age.
The number stamped on the frame is:
Any help with identification would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.

Thu Oct 18 2012
1979 garelli sport
moped 1979
For sale 1979 garelli in perfect cond

Sat Nov 05 2011
cbaker02<at>btinternetdot com
garelli 98cc
hello, i wonder if you could point me in the right direction i live in uk and have a garelli which dvla have no record of but with a registration number but i would need to contact the garelli owners club? to confirm the age of the machine thank you jon baker

Fri Sep 30 2011
Garelli VIP
i'm looking for a complete 2 speed Garelli clutch for my VIP. it doesnt have to be a vip, it can be an avanti, gulp or 2speed NOI. please let me know if u have one for sale.. thanks!
chicago, IL

Sat Oct 01 2011
certificat de conformité
Garelli garelli team matic 1988
Bonjour , nous avons déclarer à la police belge la perte du certificat de conformité et me demande de rechercher un importateur garelli pour pouvoir faire une demande de duplicata du certificat de conformité
comment dois-je faire ?

en attente au plus vite de votre réponse

Mon Aug 29 2011
garelli junior tourisimo
i am doing up a garelli junior and i need a couple of parts e.g seat, cylinder head and some engine diagrams do complete it. I was wondering if you could put me in contact with people who could get me such items. I would really appreciate it if you could do me this favor.

kind regards,

D Esau

Sat Sep 03 2011
jasonlaughman<at>yahoodot com
1981 Garelli rally sport
trying to fix up this moped for my son. It needs a new rear rim and a speedometer. It seems to run fine so I would like to continue to fix this up for him but sadly can not find any parts to do so.

Wed Aug 10 2011
garelli owners club
garelli euromoped
how do i join the garelli owners club please
wales UK

Try the Classic Motorcycle Clubs Directory

Tue Jul 26 2011
garelli capri 70cc
im looking for a coil for my garelli capri 1960 70cc

Fri Apr 29 2011
Flywheel removal?
Garelli Rally sl
I would like information on removing the flywheel so I may replace the points and wires because of arcing inside the flywheel coming from points.
Florida, US

Sat May 14 2011
ronin.gilles<at>gmaildot com
Certificat de conformité
Nous désirons un certificat de conformité pour une mobylette GARELLI KATIA; nous n'avons aucuns papiers ils ont été perdus
N° sur cadre : 4601 DGM 107890 OM année 1972


Fri Apr 15 2011
jgmorley<at>hotmaildot com
What Garelli scooter is this?
I have just bought this Garelli scooter to re-build, however I cant find any details about this model?

Fri Mar 18 2011
rickscarart2<at>hotmaildot com
Garelli Motorcycles
Garelli 1964-1969
I have several vintage Garelli Ads from the 60s for sale. Anyone interested
Missouri, USA

Mon Feb 14 2011
tvernmaxwell<at>livedot com
1978 garelli supper sport xl
garelli 1978 supper sport xl
needed repair manual our owners manual I want to get it running please help

Fri Feb 11 2011
garelli kc 50cc
can anyone give me any info on this bike had it since 84 but cant find out anything about it

Tue Jan 25 2011
Rear wheel/1985 Garelli moped
Garelli Sports delux
Need rear wheel for 1985 Garelli moped

Sun Jan 09 2011
rtabacco<at>aoldot com

1970 Broncco 354 with 50cc garelli 50 cc garelli with gear box
hello, are there any motor parts available for the 50 cc engine?
Detroit Michigan USA

Sat Nov 27 2010
garelli capri
hi can anyone help me to find the vin/chassi number on my garelli capri i have looked but camt seem to locate it thanks

Wed Oct 06 2010
ryleesgmatmw<at>gmaildot com
Please help
Garelli Rex
I just purchased this Garelli Rex and was wondering if anyone would have any information on it. It has SPA Meccanica Garelli Motore Garelli 374.94 cm on the motor, and Garelli 574, IGM, 2069 OM on the frame. I believe it is from the 1960's, any information will be appreciated.

Thu Sep 23 2010
msbocus<at>yahoodot com
Photo & Brochure
Garelli 1985 VIP4
This is a picture of a 1985 Vip 4 in Italy. Thought you may be interested in it. 2nd picture is a VIP4 & a VIP3 both 1985.
Dardago, Italy
Garelli-1985-Vip4 images posted, thank you!

Sat Sep 11 2010
dowjoans-64<at>yahoodot com
garelli 50cc super sport
judging by the pic on this site i have a 63, unfortunately it is in pieces. i would love to restore it, but have no idea were to get parts
los angeles, ca

Fri Sep 03 2010
dde renseignements
garelli inconu
pouvez vous me renseigner sur ce modele?

Wed Aug 25 2010
1978 garelli
1978 garelli super sport 2 seater
Only 1 place in Bristol, Ct. will repair my bike and, they're not very trustworthy. Who can you recommend that will pick it up, fix it and return it??? And won't Falsify the theft of it. YES...That still happens around here. Especially when you wont sell them the bike. Everybody wants to buy it but, nobody wants to pay for it.
Connecticut, U.S.A.

Tue Jul 13 2010
Parts search
Garelli 50cc 35177201 ; DGM 8657 0M
could you please provide me with information and availability of the folowing part: CLUTCH SET for model 50cc (1965 or 1968)with
engine N: DGM 8662 OM 201081
DGM 8657OM

Thank you

Jordan Hristozkov

Sun May 30 2010
karen4bud1<at>insightbbdot com
Carb. rebuild kit
1978 Agrati Garelli SPA Super Sport
Can you please tell me where I can order parts for this 1978 Agrati Garelli

Fri May 14 2010
ianmaley<at>hotmaildot com
value, parts, Information.
Garelli KL100
I have had a KL100 in my shed for about 12 years the crank bearings are shot but the rest of the bike is good and restorable. I need help on finding parts manuals etc. Any help appreciated
Shropshire, uk

Mon May 10 2010
cook4111<at>hotmaildot com
1986 garelli
Looking for a muffler for my 1986 Garelli Moped

Mon Apr 26 2010
Garelli Gran Sport manual
1980 Garelli Gran Sport
I am trying to find a manual and other info including value of my 1980 Garelli Gran Sport.

Sat Jan 09 2010
vlem-1 at yahoodot com
reparacion de mi moto
Garelli super sport 1980
Deseo que me ayudaran a restaurar mi moto facilitandome informacion para piezas
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fri Nov 13 2009
bevuni at
Garelli Gulpmatic
points. coil, and condensor-where to find
Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

Mon Oct 19 2009
angles.lucien at
recherche pièces détachée
garelli katia
recherche fournisseur pièces pour garelli type katia ( embrayage)

Sat Sep 05 2009
ollikiri at
gulp 1971
Ho un Baujahr Garelli gulp 71 Purtroppo ho un problema ogni volta che vado e lei è calda, non tiene il gas sarà caldo e vi prego di una soluzione originale è l'Italia che ho portato circa 10 anni fa da Milano. OLAF

Wed Aug 12 2009
hg.peters at
electronic bobine
1990 electronic bobine garelli team matic +- 1990
Dear lady and gentlemen,

i've been looking for this item for quite some time..
but i didn't find it.

Could you make me an offer for this?

i'm searching for the:
Electronic Bobine ve Garelli Team Matic from +- 1990 c.d.i.

i hope you could make me one...

Hans Peters

Mon Jul 20 2009
olivier.bois at
garelli inconnu
j'ai une garelli modele et année inconnue
si je vous envoye une photo et le numero dechassis vous pourrez me renseigner?

Tue Jul 07 2009
ryanconder at
sell my bike
garelli bat baby
i have a 50cc small junior bike full working order bat baby garelli with back rest not sure of age would say between 68 " 74 if any interest no time wasters please contact email ryanconder at

Mon Jun 15 2009
j.brennan655 at btinternetdot com
1975 garelli katie engine complete
Garelli Katia Katia
Hi there
Iam looking for a Garelli Katia engine +gearbox complete or a main drive gear for a single speed machine.

Sat Jun 13 2009
gnoon1 at
Garelli Junior Rekord
Hi, I have just bought an Italian import Garelli Junior 50cc(similar to Rekord), I have no information about it and wondered if you could help me with date of manufacture etc. that I'll need to register her for v5.
Think approx 1971/72 frame nos.GP06452. GARELLI 14512201. DGM81190M.
Also note that unlike my English model Rekord of 1973 she has niether pedals or speedo, will i need to fit these before taking an MOT test.
Any guidance you can offer me will be greatly appreciated as i cant wait to burn a little rubber.
Many thanks Gary.

Fri Jan 02 2009
jangrn40 at
rear wheel
Garelli D02167
need rear wheel

Mon Dec 01 2008
tpfaff100 at yahoodot com
Garelli KL125 w Sachs engine?
Garelli KL125
Hiya. I have never heard of a Garelli KL125 with a Sachs engine. All of the bikes I have seen have the Parilla motor. Does anyone have a pic? The KL100s I think came w/ the Sachs motor. Thanks, Thomas

Fri Nov 28 2008
heurlin.thierry at
technical doc
garelli kl50

Garelli-1976-KL50-5V images posted, thank you!

Tue Nov 11 2008
pilz2008 at yahoodot com
how to start a 1978 garelli mopad
1978 garelli 50cc vip 2 speed de lux sa0420
i need to know what its worth and how to start it
winder ga

Tue Nov 11 2008
savillecarlene at
how much is this bike worth???
vip 2 speed deluxe 1978 garelli
i have 2 of these bikes, no miles must of have never been rode. almost no miles,like new. what are they worth?? please em me back.
georgia u.s.a. See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations ..........
The red one has 1,600 miles. And all the pieces for the gas tank are there. The yellow one has 288 miles.

Thanks again,

Fri Oct 17 2008
nvexner at

garelli 1978
hola a todos ,quisiera saber de algun lugar en argentina para restaurar una moto garelli 78... gracias

Sun Sep 28 2008
dbabic8 at
identification and assistance in restoration a Garelli
Garelli Mosquito
Purchased recently a Garelli Mosquito, so far unable to identify model. None model on images on photo galleries quite matches. In order to restore it perfectly, I would appreciate any assistance, in identification, data, or any advice.
Owners manual in any form would be most appreciated.
Zagreb, Croatia

Thu Aug 21 2008
mc506 at
garelli bike
garelli dgm mini
i have an early 1970's garelli that i am trying to sell. its in good condition although declared sorn. how might i go about this?

Wed Aug 13 2008
craig.a.bonnichsen at monsantodot com

Garelli VIP 2 speed delux
I have a 1978 Garelli 2 speed delux. The piston was stuck but I have freed it up. It has plenty of compression. I was wondering how many CC it was and I am assuming the white container along side the gas tank is an oil injection tank. What is the oil ratio and can I remove the tank and just add a mixture of oil and gas to the tank. Also I can not get a spark. The coil is good. Can anyone please help me? thanks

Sun Jun 01 2008
storm.norman at gmaildot com
replacement parts
1977 Garelli grand sport
looking for a spark plug wire and a new pedal and arm for the right side.
Ohio, USA


Fri Mar 14 2008
guus at
fuel ratio
Garelli Capri 98
I just bought a Garelli Capri '98 and I don't know wich oil/fuel mixture it needs... Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot

Wed Mar 19 2008
smstearman at gmaildot com
WTS 1965 KL 125
Garelli KL-125
I have a friend whose uncle is trying to sell his 1965 KL-125. He is the original owner. It has 5,400 original miles on it - it's in pristine condition. Of course he'd prefer for it to go a good home, as it's been well cared for all these years. Any recommendations for sale price and where to post?

Thanks much.
San Francisco, CA

Mon Mar 10 2008
aymfast at
Parts available?
Garelli 79 Gulpmatic
Are these oarts still available: oversized piston 060, piston rings and gasket kits? Thankyou

Fri Mar 07 2008
d.zappieri at
Mini Garelli
Garelli Unknown
Do you know what kind of model is the one attached?
Thank You

Sat Feb 23 2008
pinot60 at
recherche de pieces
garelli katia

Je suis pocesseur d'une garelli katia et je recherche ou trouver des pieces et de la documentation pour la remetre en etat.
Merci d'avance de votre aide.

Fri Feb 22 2008
tpfaff100 at yahoodot com
Garelli KL125 parts manual
Hi. I found the holy grail - located a Garelli KL125 parts manual. It's about 60 pages in English and Italian. Contact me via the 'garellimoto' group on for more info.
Petaluma, Californie

Wed Feb 20 2008
andybrit1 at hotmaildot com
1978 katia parts wanted
Garelli katia
Hi. Can anyone help. I have a 1978 katia, and I need an offside pedal and a drive chain, or even the size of the chain needed. email me andybrit1 at
Thanks. Andy

Mon Feb 18 2008
Gull-topp at hotmaildot com
Garelli Katia parts
Need parts for my garelli katia 74`. where can i find parts? Need rims,the ignition, front/back fender and a tank. Vidar (Norway)

Sat Feb 16 2008
dmalyurek at yahoodot com
Garelli KL 125 1965 Parelli?
would like to find a good fuel tnk with all side badges

Fri Jan 25 2008
dame at
sachs engine
gareli kl125
I have a gareli ,i think it may be a kl125 it is fairly intact minus its original sachs engine which i am trying to find .
any help in locating one would be greatly appreciated

Tue Jan 22 2008
dean at retromeccanicadot com
Garelli Mini Prix
Hello, Has anyone got a Garelli mini prix for sale? Please get in contact. Thanks.
Scotland (Ecosse)

Sun Jan 13 2008
bendigoexcavators at bigpond.con (Freudian slip?)
kick start spring
bombadier bantam trail
Hi looking for kick start spring, can you please help?

Rod Martin

Wed Dec 12 2007
mikeirwin10 at
garelli rex 1964 kl 75cc
This bike as far as i know has 41 orig. miles and looks like it. Missing air filter but otherwise complete with tire pump and tool kit. Light or baby blue color. Runs great,4 speed right foot shift. Gold REX on tank. Any info or approx worth would be great!

Sat Nov 10 2007
tpfaff100 at yahoodot com
Garelli KL125 front rim size inquiry
Garelli KL125
Hello. I hear the KL100 has a 17" front wheel. My KL125 has a Japanese front wheel on it, 18 inches. Did the KL125 have a 17" or 18" front wheel? Thank you.

Tue Nov 06 2007
d.atkins01 at btinternetdot com
kick start spring
garelli think jr cross 50cc
hi i am looking for a kick start spring for this bike can you help me thanks

Tue Oct 23 2007
Aarons978 at gmaildot com
rally sl front axel snapped
garelli 1986 rally sl
my front axel snapped and I cannot find a replacement for it anywhere! I went to a bike shop and they said it was "m12 fine thread"?? does anyone havany idea where i can find this part?
Garelli 1986 Rally front wheel

Sat Oct 20 2007
pomhughes at btinternetdot com
Petrol tank knee grips
GarelliJunior Cross 1968 - 1972
I am looking for a pair of knee grips for a Junior Cross. Must be very good or better! All help gratefully received.

Thu Oct 18 2007
redmofre at aoldot com
Date of production
Garelli Rekord
I was looking into buying a Garelli Rekord moped which is claimewd to have been manufactured in 1969 - Appreciate advice on where the date of manufacture can be ratified - appreciate your advice Regards Fred REdmond in UK
S E England

Sat Sep 29 2007
carlbarlow321 at aoldot com
need information badly
garelli kl 50cc unrestricted
ive been given a mint show room condition garelli kl 50 cc .it used to be a fair ground ride bike .it has been fully restored in original mint has n0 v5 logbook and has never been registered at wanting to sell it please can you offer me any advice on what it is worth kind regards carl

Sun Sep 23 2007
oliber99 at hotmaildot com
garelli 75 año 1960

tengo una gareli 75 año 1960 y quisiera informacion de la moto esta muy completa y quiero restaurar lo mas original pocible
callos paz argentina

Fri Sep 21 2007
ricpupo at
Garelli KAtia
What kind of oil and how much I use in the clutch ?
Thanks a lot
São Paulo - Brasil

Fri Sep 07 2007
bobg102455 at embarqmaildot com
1965 Garelli KL 125
I am trying to find a set of stock rings or suitable replacement. This is the parilla motor. No luck through parilla parts sources.

Fri Jul 13 2007
samandbill at
Garelli moped
Garelli 1979
Hi I run a scooter shop in the uk & one of my customers has bought a Garelli moped in for help to get it started and a MOT. I have got it started and I am taking it for MOT tomorrow. The log book says it is a Garelli 1979 but I have been through the photos on the sites and it looks very much like a 1971 Garelli Katia (Blue). Is this possible.
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tue Jul 03 2007
james at
1980 Garelli 49cc
Looking for some spares,
Clutch cable,engine covers exc
South Africa

Mon Jun 25 2007
russcarter22 at hotmaildot com
manual required
1962/64 Benelli moped 50cc
does anyone out there have a manual for this model, that i could purchase or photocopy,als a source of spares would be usefull.thanks.
Cambs uk.

See also under Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Jun 27 2007
hawkr at
Garelli moped
late 1970's to early 80"s Gulp tyoe ???
My father owned this moped unti his death in 1986. I am looking for info on what it is and its worth today. It's in excellent condition and has not been ridden in 20 yrs. Any info you can send me will be appreciated. I will get pictures next week. (This bike is in North Carolina)
South Carolina

Mon Jun 11 2007
ptbsteve at aoldot com
Moped restoration
Europed Cortina 25
I have been given the above moped and would very much like to restore it. The clutch needs replacing as a priority. Does anyone know where I can still get spares. Or failing that can I fit a 50cc engine to it. hanks!
Manchester UK

Mon Jun 11 2007
tim59801 at yahoodot com
Garelli mosquito
I have this bicycle motor and would like to sell it. Anybody interested?
Missoula, MT USA

Thu May 31 2007
jonla at
1980 Garelli Monza GT
I have a 1980 model with 94 miles on it. Great condition. Where can I get more info on it.
Like how many made, it worth etc.
Thank you
John LaVoie

Wed May 23 2007
tkved at
Garelli moped gearcase lubricant
What type of oil do you put in the gearbox ? It has a filler but I have no idea what type is normally used.

Thu May 24 2007
kountryboy4evr at yahoodot com
In need of carbuator parts or carburator
1985 Garelli - Rally RS
I got lucky and found an 1985 Garelli moped sitting in a barn in mint cond. but it has been sitting for awhile, carb needs rebuilt or replaced. if anyone can help me or direct me to someone to get parts. Thank you
kokomo, IN

Thu May 17 2007
daniel.jones903 at ntlworlddot com
Garelli Katia
Hello there, I'm after some bits for my Garelli Katia and was wondering if anyone knew where i can get hold of them?

Sat May 12 2007
lexcustomcandys at aoldot com
garelli gladiator 150 for sale
60s garelli gladiator 150? motorcycle / not moped
parts or restore call for info at 859-492-3743 or email me at / bike is advertised for sale on ebay w/pics add # is 130092452914 / mt ebay store is skairn011968

Mon Apr 30 2007
motorsag at
Garelli chainsaw
Sabart - Garelli
I collect and restore old chainsaws. Recently I found this old Sabart - Garelli saw in Italy. I attach pictures of this old saw. I seek any literature for this old saw. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
New Hampton, NY

Tue Apr 24 2007
susan-gno at yahoodot com
1976 garelli super sport xl
see above
I need a technical manual on the motor. for some reason no oil is getting into the right chambers

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Apr 12 2007
mscamptress52 at aoldot com
gas mixture
I have an 80 Garelli.I dont know if it takes straight gas or has a mixture. Any info would be helpful..Is there someone on the East coast I can contact?It hasnt been run in 8 months.
New Jersey

  • For two-stroke oil mixture ratios, try this page: Premix

Tue Mar 27 2007
tpfaff100 at yahoodot com
Parilla motor
Garelli KL125
The Garelli KL125 has a Parilla motor. I know... just bought one. The Parilla yahoo group may have parts. I started a Garelli group on as well. The attached pic shows the bike before it was cleaned up.
Garelli KL125 Parilla

Wed Mar 14 2007
aaronbett at
49cc garelli mosquito
need points and condensor for garelli cyclemotor.any ideas would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Thu Mar 08 2007
kristineann3 at hotmaildot com
Parts for 1977 garelli sport
1977 Garelli Sport Moped
Need location/supplier

Thu Mar 08 2007
A062642 at allstatedot com
Value of a 1965 Garelli KL15
1965 Garelli KL125
I am trying to find the value of a 1965 Garelli KL125

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Thu Feb 08 2007
dean at retromeccanicadot com
Mini Prix
I am trying to obtain a fuel tank and cap for a Garelli Mini Prix. Can anyone help? Many thanks, Dean Bristow

Fri Feb 02 2007
tim-gregory at
Dating a Garelli Grand Turismo Junior
Garelli Grand Turismo Junior
I have recently purchase here in the UK a Garelli Grand Turismo Junior 50cc motorcycle, which is an import from, I believe, Italy. We are currently renovating it and would obviously like to have it registered in the UK.

To achieve this we need some kind of evidence of its age (believed to be 1968-69). Please could you either confirm the age of this bike or advise who could give us this information.
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire UK

Wed Jan 17 2007
duwelautomotive at
Looking for a carb and or carb rebuild kit
Bike has been sitting for several years. Spark is ok at plug. Spark is fuel fouling. Any leads/info. Would be great. Dellorto sha14.14 carb # thanks

Wed Jan 03 2007
jmotos- at hotmaildot com
Agradeceria si alguien me pudiese decir donde conseguir recambios para Gerelli, en España. Y si esa firma sigue fabricando motocicletas o si hubo un cambio de nombre.

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