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Fri Dec 22 2006
carwyn.perkins A T ntlworlddot com
garelli mini prix
ive aquired a garelli mini prix motorbike which ive stareted to restore and was wondering what year they were manufactered

Fri Dec 15 2006
manuelnortemarin A T hotmaildot com
manuel norte marin
garrelli noi
Necesito un carburador para la garelli noi pues quieo recuperar esta moto de mi abuelo y no tiene el carburador .

¿Donde puedo encontrar este carburador en España?¿Que carburador le puedo poner a esta moto?
España (Cartagena)


I need a carburetor for noi garelli this bike because I want to recover my grandfather and has no carburetor.
Where can I find this carburetor in Spain? What carburetor can put this bike?
Spain (Cartagena)

Thu Dec 14 2006
dybek1m A T
speedometer to Garelli Uno
I need an original speedometer to Garelli Uno scooter. Could you please inform me where I can buy it (e-shop)?

Mon Nov 13 2006
Flashy65 A T aoldot com
Garelli Monza GT parts

I would like to post a message about searching for the plastic parts, factory decals, or any information on Monza GT mopeds. Thanks!
Harrisburg, PA, USA
Can you use this photo from an owner's manual. I might not be able to get my mopeds out for better photos now. THanks for your help!
Rob K.

Sun Nov 05 2006
dlshaw A T
Manuals and parts
1979 Garelli, VIP,2sp, De Luxe
I was given this moped and it runs put need some care and tune up. But need manual and some parts. Any help would be great.
Rio Grande, N.J.

Wed Oct 11 2006
debraarnold A T ellettdot com
Do you know of some place here in South Carolina that repairs Garelli Mopeds?

Wed Oct 04 2006
roscepe A T hotmaildot com
Garelli's official web site?

I'm looking for the Garelli's official web site. Can anyone help me please? I need the "factory certificate" of a motorcycle.
Argentina, Rosario

Tue Oct 03 2006
roffe A T
original papers "Classification"
Garelli uno
I need the original papers of a Moped whitdh number
Class II ASB 6015
Is this somthing you can help me Witdh

Rolf Andersson
Magnusv?gen 6b,8tr
177 31 J?rf?lla

Sat Sep 30 2006
trek5819 A T aoldot com
purchasing moped
I need to find the the nearest store location to spencer mass, so I may purchase my third bike from garelli,if need be I may have to do it on line

Fri Sep 29 2006
chrisdem A T
1969 KL100 Gypsy
I have 2 kl100s in excallent shape. i know close to nothing about these bikes. and i am intrested in finding out about them.
New Jersey

Mon Sep 25 2006
danilodozza A T
Garelli Mosquito 38B del 1955
vi invio per la vostra galleria una foto di un mosquito vero del 1955

Sun Sep 24 2006 A T
Garelli 50 Super Sport 1963
i recieved this garelli from a friend of my father back in '91 it became the second bike i restored

Sun Sep 03 2006
deangb73 A T
Garelli Mini Prix
I have bought a Garelli mini prix to restore for my son's use. I have found Harglo very useful for parts for the engine but would appreciate any leads on replacement cycle parts for this bike. Dean Bristow.
Northern Scotland
Mon Oct 02 2006
Garelli Mini Prix
Further to my last message, If anyone has a serviceable 37mm piston, rings, gudgeon pin for the early Franco Morini S5 engine That they would like to sell, please email me. Many thanks, Dean Bristow.

Fri Sep 01 2006
lugpit A T aoldot com
VIP De Luxe
I am trying to find the value of this moped for tax and registration purposes, and of course, general curiosity. Any ideas? Thanks.
I don't have any images right now, but will get some. It is a 1978 Garelli VIP De Luxe. Thanks,

Wed Aug 16 2006
marconia A T
1972 50 cc gulpmatic
I have a 1972 50cc gulpmatic moped i,ve had it for about 17 years, last rode it about 6 years ago.always stored in doors.I will sell it.$?
prince george can.

Sat Aug 12 2006
Cranbury25 A T yahoodot com
Piston not moving
Garelli Grand Sport
I recently purchased a 1977 Garelli Grand Sport that appears to be in good shape. However, the chain and rear tire turns, but the piston does not move, nor do I get any spark at the plug. How do I remove (and replace) the piston and is the lack of spark due to the piston not moving. Any instructions would be helpful.

You will require a manual to dismantle and repair the bike, as it sounds as if the piston may be seized. Manuals for some Garelli models are listed in the Garelli Forum

Fri Aug 11 2006
colinhawkes1960 A T
parts wanted
garelli tiger
i am trying to get hold of a piston for a 125 tiger,could anyone help contact me with price and location and possibly delivery.thanx

Wed Aug 02 2006
hobbydays A T aoldot com
looking for parts for a garelli noi moped
need a transmission, clutch for a garelli noi moped having troble finding parts could you help mo with this problem

Sun Jul 30 2006
Hinrichsmeyer A T
gas shut off valve needed
1980 Garelli Rally Sport
needed i gas shut off valve for moped

Fri Jul 28 2006
tropiano A T
Garelli 1969 Gulp 50cc
I live in Western Australia and have a garelli but need to get it serviced. Do you have any information as to where I could go.
Thank you.

Try the WA section of Bikelinks. Ed

Sat Jul 22 2006
bartjaninesmith A T aoldot com
Garrelli moped
need to know who can repair my Garrelli in the Los Angeles area??

Try this page:

Tue Jul 18 2006
AThorn5644 A T aoldot com
Tire Size - Inquiry
Garelli 1978 Super Sport XL
I need the tire size for this moped. Is it a 16 x 2.25"??
Indiana, US

Sun Jul 16 2006
jeansimon15 A T msndot com
Bonjour, pouvez-vous me dire de quel mod?le il s'agit et quel type de bougie conviendrait, merci

Translation: Hello, can you tell me about which model it is and which type of candle [headlight globe?] would be appropriate,

Sat Jul 15 2006
cajunsupnorth A T hotmaildot com
1978 garelli
I am looking for a coil for my moped.
No. Adams Ma.

Fri Jul 14 2006
vmcarthur1 A T rogersdot com
1972 Garelli Moped 49cc
I am looking for a speedometer for a Garelli moped

Thu Jul 13 2006
l.gober A T
need a repair manual
Garelli Noi blue
i need a repair manual and a parts manual

Thu Jun 29 2006
sherry-zins A T
Looking for a piston ring for an old Benelli motor bike
Carelli 38cc Mosquito
The bike I have was last built in 1945 and I need a 35mm piston ring. Can you help?

Garelli 38CC Mosquito
I would like to purchase three 35mm piston rings for this bike. Please advise.

Wed Jun 14 2006
powderhound62 A T hotmaildot com
Garelli Moped
VIP 2sp Delux
I have a Garelli Moped is there a way I can find out what year it is by numbers on the bike? there is an SA* on the stearing neck and plate.

Fri Jun 09 2006
tbmurphy A T
Rear rim 16 x 1.35 , tire - 2 1/4 X16
1984 Garelli
Need to get this size rim and tire for this scooter 
Vin #zagae4336emooo177

Anyone whom knows were to get this part please email me at tbmurphy A T or
tbmurphy A T sprynetdot com

I have a Bianchi Mosquito fitted with a Garelli 38B Mosquito engine...
see under Bianchi

Sat Jun 03 2006
wmandmary A T
garelli kl125
125 4 stroke
Are these models positive ground?? Any manuals available ??
Please find pic of 125cc Garelli I quired about over the weekend..Any and all info greatly appreciated.
Bill Thompson

Sat May 27 2006
afattore A T
need parts
garelli katia
hello, desperately seeking an air box for the above make and model plaease contact me if you have the part. thankyou

Fri May 19 2006
isabel A T
Garelli Scooters
I've been looking for Garelli's contact with no success. Could you please help me and give me their phone, fax number or email address?
Thanks in advance.

I understand Garelli ceased manufacture in 1991. Ed.

Wed May 17 2006
sjlinbarger5 A T
1965 garelli kl 125cc 4 stroke
Need to find over size piston fo this bike can,t find any info on bike or parts bike in good shape need this piston
napa ca usa

Sun Apr 30 2006
flapjack731 A T hotmaildot com
bike worth
1978 Garelli
I purchased this moped last Autumn due to rising gas prices. What is it's worth? And, how many miles can you get on a moped engine?

Tue Apr 25 2006
totallc A T mindspringdot com
Parts for moped
VIN # ZAGAE163 8FM001911 07-1986
I need a set of rings and some cables. Maybe even speedometer. I would also love to have a service manual. Live in USA. My son bought this. Need info on the prices and shipping. Thanks
Its a Garelli. I can take pictures if you need them. If it helps, the Gas tank is actually built INTO the frame. Not mounted to it.

Jack Wynn
Atlanta, GA, USA

Fri Mar 24 2006
bogdanvladicenco A T yahoodot com
centrifugal ambreiage
garelli gulp
i need a new centrifugal ambreiage for the Garelli Gulp. Please send me an e-mail with the price and delivery possibilities.
Bucharest Romania

Tue Mar 21 2006
gica.tehnic A T
DGM 53180BOM #5502546#
Ho questo scooter con motore Garelli 1381. Mi serve la schema elletrica per questo(adesso e tutto smontato). Eventualmente l'esploso va bene. Grazie mille.
Arad, Romania

Translation: I have this scooter with engine Garelli 1381. Serves me the electrical diagram for this (now and all dismantled). If necessary exploded it goes it well.
Thanks a million.

Mon Feb 20 2006
rfels A T
Unknown Garelli Moped
I have aquired a Garelli moped however I only know thar the sticker on the side guard says garelli vip. Can anyone help me identify this bike. Thank you for any help. Rich STL.

Sat Jan 14 2006 A T btinternetdot com
Garelli KL 100cc
I have a Garelli KL 100cc, been lying in garage since late 1970s. Blown piston, siezed engine. Is it worth anything?

Wed Nov 30 2005
radford.crocker A T
Garelli Monza 1968/69
I am trying to obtain a wiring diagram for this bike can any one help me out. Thank you.

Sun Nov 27 2005
tiomox A T hotmaildot com
Saludos amigos motoqueros!!
Soy el feliz due?o de una Bicimoto Garelli de 1980. Cualquier consulta comuniquense.

Rodrigo Calqu?n Toro.
San Fernando 

Tue Nov 22 2005
masgrafica A T
Motor Mosquito Garelli 49 cc.
Necesito saber si el Motor Mosquito Garelli fabricado por Meccanica Garelli S.p.A. de Milano Italia todav?a se fabrica o bien donde puedo conseguir repuestos y planos del motor

Wed Nov 16 2005
andyjanavel A T hotmaildot com
Poseo una Garelli 70S, denominada en Argentina como Garelli 75 del a?o 1960, y quisiera saber donde se encuentra estampado el numero de cuadro (chasis ? bastidor).
muchas gracias.

Perdon por la demora...

Te envio un par de fotos del manual de despiece.


Tue Nov 15 2005
rsteinbacher2 A T
Garelli 49cc engine
I have a 2001 Cosmo Stinger with a 49cc Garelli VIP engine. Does anyone nake performance parts for this engine or moped? i'm looking for a bigger piston and ring set, a ported head, bigger carb and maybe atuned or modified exhaust. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks Bob

Sat Nov 12 2005
S-Sharlow A T yahoodot com
Garelli Piston and rings needed
I need a piston assembly with two rings. The engine series is 354. The motor was made in 1970 and displaces 50cc. I also need a top end gasket set.

Fri Nov 11 2005
S-Sharlow A T yahoodot com
Garelli 50cc piston rings
I need a piston assembly for a 50cc Garelli/Broncco. The mini-bike was made in 1970. The engine series is 354 and the piston measures 40mm. Thanks Steve

Sun Oct 16 2005
danigri A T
garelli katia m
Hi, I have a Garelli Katia M in my garage (in great conditions) and I would like to know how much does it worth (more or less).
Thanks in advance.

Mon Oct 10 2005
lorna.bonthrone A T ntlworlddot com
I need an exhaust for a Franco morini s5 engine same as fitted to a garelli mini prix, which has a screw type mounting flange and goes down under the engine, then splits into two..with a silencer each side, mounted paralel to the swinging arm. Otherwise PHOTOS + Measurments would be great.
Also need a mainstand + chrome mudguard 8" wheels
email lorna.bonthrone AT or phone 01491 201316 (ansaphone available)

Wed Oct 05 2005
supergrobi68 A T
suche Kurbelwelle f?r Garelli Cross Tieger
Suche eine Kurbelwelle f?r Garelli Cross Tiger 5 Gang Motor

Tue Oct 04 2005
nils.gerleman A T teliadot com
1952 Mosquito 38 cyclemotor
Hello! Can anyone help me to find the mounting bracket for the Mosquito 38? 

Nils Gerleman Sweden

Sun Oct 02 2005
stefan-gitaar A T hotmaildot com
Mosquito Garelli
Hi, i own a Mosquito Garelli with 3 handgears and a buddyseat but i have almost no information about this model. I can't find any information about it. Maybe someone could tel me something about this model or maby knows where i can try to search for information.

Thu Sep 15 2005
bnevius A T woh.rrdot com
I need a rear wheel and tire for a garelli super sport xl serial # UN 00582 Manufacturer # 4-1980

Mon Sep 12 2005
mrmikec11 A T
just bought
just got a garelli eureka felx mod#npo1597 y9-1975 could anyone tell me about this bike and were i could find a coil and spark plug
thank you mike

Sat Jul 23 2005
jswebb A T
Las Vegas Race,
I James Webb, raced you 100cc / 150cc mc, and raced the 100cc, in the barstow to vegas race in 1966or67 ??A man name Lu Chano, Came over to the us , and set  up my bike, 300, 100cc bikes started , and only 26 finished , and your Garelli I rode to a top spot , the race was  150 miles long, Please Contact Me , I Raced It and the 150cc, in many dirt races ,

Fri Jul 22 2005
Chaseorgrace A T aoldot com
1978 Garelli Super Sport XL 50cc engine
Where can I obtain a manual on this model of moped?

Tue Jul 12 2005
villafranca A T
Sorry for my english ,
for information garelli manual contact 
libretti uso e manutenzioni 
viale caldara 41
20122 milano

thu jul 07 2005
alberto.girolami a t solvaydot com
garelli 38
sono interessato all'acquisto di un garellino marciante e collaudato,anche se parzialmente da risistemare.possibilmente,inviare foto.grazie per l'attenzione.cordiali saluti

From: john16vs33 A T yahoodot com
Wed, 6 Jul 2005 13:31:20 UT

Garelli Cafe ID
Hello, Im helping a friend sell this bike. Im not sure what it is. The frame ID is 2069 OM The engine plate reads 94cm. Can you help, please. Thanks, Frank

Mon Jul 04 2005
rhfarias A T
see my garelli 1980 50cc
is full restored, i have a many parts of garelli
Raul Farias

June 27th 2005
1960s Garelli Dealer Motorcycle Brochure on Ebay
Dealer brochure for the 100, 125 & 150cc Garelli KL150 Gladiator, Gran Premio, and KL100 Gypsy. 4 pages. About 8 by 10 inches

June 27th 2005
Garelli Manual on Ebay
Vendor says it covers Garelli Junior record junior cross concorde matic, bimatic 3v eureka katia cross record tiger cross 49cc & 80cc. Garelli fizzy fs1e ap50 ss50. 1969 on.

Mon Jun 27 2005
martin-valley A T connectdot com
Garelli 50cc
I have recently bought a 1964 Garelli 50cc step through moped to try and do up can anyone help me find a manual and some pictures for this bike please

Mon Jun 27 2005
tim59801 A T yahoodot com
Garelli Mosquito for sale
Anybody looking for, send me an e-mail.
I paid us$400...don't want to bother with it.

Sun Jun 26 2005
lodoe918 A T aoldot com
Garelli Moped Manual
We are looking to purchase the manual for a 1980 Garelli Moped 2 speed VIP. Do you have a manual for sale? We are looking specifically for fuel mixture. Thanks.

Tue Jun 21 2005
thebacons2001 A T
garelli capri 70 headlamp glass 80cc
has any body go a headlamp glass for a garelli capri 70 scooter 80cc i would like to bye one

Sat Jun 18 2005
ronashton-1999 A T yahoodot com
help me please
i have a green garelli on the tank it says bronco, on the fly wheele it says mod 6768 kick starter and shifter is on rh side it is a four speed chain is on the rh side need any kind on maintance info spec on plug point gap carb exc

Fri May 27 2005
mmcpunk A T hoymaildot com
Mosquito Garelli 49cc and 38cc
Hi, I?m from uruguay and i need your help in order to get some information about garelli engines. I have 2 mosquito garelli (49cc) and 3 mosquito garelli (38cc), the problem is that is very difficult to find parts here in uruguay so I would be gratefull if you tell me how to contact Garelli company or give me some info about this engines.
Thanks, Constantino Mato

Fri May 20 2005
ron.bongers1 A T
garelli capri junior IV 1965
Please can anyone help me to get the abovementioned type Garelli.

Thu May 05 2005
daniel-traife A T
Motos Garelli 75
Dear Sir, I am from Argentina and I am looking for information about a motorbike Garelli 75, please could you help me? Could you send my information about it? Could you send me photos of this motor? Thanks in advance, Daniel Traife

Sun May 01 2005
sea-t A T
1984 Agrati Garelli Moped
I recently bought the above mentioned item and the previous owner could tell me nothing else about it. It is in need of some repair work but as I have no other information currently available to me, repair work is impossible at this time. I have exhausted every resource at my disposal and have been unsuccessful in my efforts to match any pictures or descriptions to my recent aquisition. Any help you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and attention in this matter. Sincerely, Dustin Allison

Mon Apr 18 2005
sjnhvincent at aoldot com
garelli tiger cross
I have just been given 2 garelli tigers one is just a frame forks and a tank the other is a very rusty but a complete non runner can any one tell were i can get spares in the UK and what are the correct paint colours for 1975 model

Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005
subject: gareli
Email: rfarias at
message: hola a los interesados en repuestos originales gareli, escriban encontre un monton de repuestos, tengo 2 garelis t 50 impecables funcionando si alguien las quiere comprar escriban y les envio fotos
raul farias

Translation: hello to interested in original spare parts gareli, a pile of spare parts writes encontre, I have 2 garelis t 50 impeccable working if somebody wants them to buy write and them envio photos

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005
subject: Fido 55
Email: istoph-07 at hotmaildot com
message: I've found a small engine that I believe to be a Garelli product. It says 'Fido 55 (49cc)' on it and has a Centrimatic clutch. If you have any info or history on this motor please contact me.

Sender: josemariavazquez at hotmaildot com
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005

I am sorry. I sent a message toether and it seems to be missed. Garelli was manufactured in Brasil and Argentina. Brasilian models were Katia, Eureka and T50, plus the Garelli3 with gear changer. In Argentina they made more models until 1995. Get bikes on sale on the ebay pages 

Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005
subject: Garelli
Email: bslark at barbermuseumdot com
message: We have a Garelli road racer that has full fairings front and rear, obviously for maximum speed records.We have no information on the bike other than we assume its a 125cc from the 1980's. Any ideas? Thanks

Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005
subject: 1980 Garelli Vip 2speed moped
Email: devils416 at aoldot com
message: Does anybody have a manual for a 1980 garelli vip 2speed moped?

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005
subject: Garelli Lido 75 CC Modelo 1955
Email: kenyumar at
message: Necesito contacatarme con aalguien que sepa de este scooter. Garelli Lido 75 CC Modelo 1955

Translation: I need to contacatar itself with aalguien that it knows of this scooter. Garelli Lido 75 CC Model 1955

July 1, 2003
After trying to tune my Garelli, the power and the velocity were lower after that. The result is, I need new parts. Do you know if some other parts fit in this bike. I have a Garelli Duoped 40, year of construction is 1973. I need an cylinder 50 ccm. If it is possible to build in a larger or tuned one I need the whole kit. (cylinder, cylinder head, piston, etc. )

Could you please tell me where can I get this parts?

Mit freundlichen Gr??en / kind regards, -- Gerald von Metzen -- mail-to:metzen at de.ibmdot com

June 4, 2003
Hello, who can help me with engine parts of a Garelli katia
See Garelli Forum

March 27, 2003
Hello Garelli Fans,
I have been restoring a Garelli Bimatic for sometime now and I would like to share the pictures with you -- jane at

March 14, 2003
Please - I want info for sale spare part for GARELLI 320 TRIAL (1985). I need whell for kick mechanism (Ingranaggio per avviamento del Garelli 320 Trial). Thank You Regards Jan Prochazka (Czech Republic) -- jan.prochazka at cz.abbdot com

February 18, 2003
Garelli Tiger Cross - GAY 716N
Around about 1978 for a short time I was fortunate...
See Garelli Forum

February 13, 2003
I have a Garelli moped (yellow) year unknown it has small wheels compared to other mopeds. my problem is the handlebars appear thinner than normal a regular throttle wont tighten on them any ideas i also need a throttle cable.. thanks -- motoguzzo at rogersdot com

February 11, 2003
Subject: Garelli Bronco 50cc...
See Garelli Forum

February 10, 2003
I am in need of the, " Plastic Center Cover Footpiece" that goes over the two metal plates on a 1978 Garelli VIP 2 Speed De Luxe Moped....
See Garelli Forum

November 30, 2002
Can any of you Garelli enthusiasts give me any info about the Capri d 70cc scooter....
See Garelli Forum

November 30, 2002
I have finally sorted out the Garelli bombardier parts crates & have listed & priced the parts. You can view online at  they are under the bombardier part numbers which are different to Garelli numbers...
See Garelli Forum

November 26, 2002
Dear Sheldon
Wanted garelli tiger cross special exhaust...
See Garelli Forum

November 8, 2002
hi im after parts for a garelli capri 70cc from 1957 scooter...
See Garelli Forum

November 5, 2002
I need a 1976 Garelli tiger cross special rear mudguard...
See Garelli Forum

November 2, 2002
Wanted -- Garelli Capri scooter kickstart pedal...
See Garelli Forum

October 29, 2002
HELP - Anybody out there got a Garelli Rekord for sale...
See Garelli Forum

October 27, 2002
Hello to all,
Can anybody help. I have acquired a Garelli Junior cross 50cc bike with what appears to be the gears and back brake levers on the opposite side to normal. The bike is in great original shape and I wish to find out its value and possible age. I would second guess it at being from the late 60`s early seventies. I will try to get it photographed and put on the site. Hope someone can indulge me.
Jon Wade -- at
Tel/Fax 0032 (0)80 319254
Gsm 0032 (0)497 464599
Gsm work 00352 (0)21 379945

October 23, 2002
I am looking for a Garelli Tiger Cross frame...
See Garelli Forum

October 13, 2002
I am looking for back wheel for a Garelli U matic motor cycle (year +/- 1975). Can you help me or give me an address where I can find it? -- Brigitte -- vervoz at

October 12, 2002
Dear Sheldon,
Would you perhaps help me to realize a childhood dream?? When I was 14 I dreamt of owning a Yellow Garelli Tiger Cross, but my parents didn't share the dream! Now at 39 I have decided to buy one. I want a mint / fully restored bike as I am not mechanical..... and wonder where to go in the UK?? Your assistance would be appreciated!! --  Paul -- Paulnotsowhite at aoldot com

September 17, 2002
to: adno3 at
Just found your e-mail about getting a Mosquito. I have restored one...
See Garelli Forum

September 14, 2002
I think I can add something to your fantastic web site.
I own a 1964 Capri turismo de lux moped. 50 cc...

September 13, 2002
Bonjour ? tous,
je vous ?cris de Belgique et suis tr?s content d'avoir trouv? un site sur les garelli. J'ai achet? une garelli de 98 cc qui a 4 vitesses et a ?t? immatricul?e pour la premi?re fois en 1965 (voir photo). Elle tourne correctement mais n?cessite une nouvelle peinture et le remplacement de certains joints. Je suis ? la recherche de tous les renseignements possibles sur cette moto: livre technique, type d'huile, contenance de la boite,... Merci d'avance. Mon adresse: yannickvdd at hotmaildot com

Sheldon's Lame Translation:
Hello everyone,
I am from Belgium and am very glad to have found a site about Garelli. I bought a Garelli of 98 DC which has 4 speeds and was registered for the first time in 1965 (see photo). It runs but requires a new paint job and the replacement of certain parts. I'm searching for all possible information on this motor bike: technical information,  type of oil, capacity of liquids... Thanks in advance. My address: yannickvdd at hotmaildot com

September 1, 2002
I have purchased a 1969 Garelli KL 150 Gipsy and as everyone else...
See Garelli Forum

August 22, 2002
hi folks is there anyone out there who is selling a Garelli Tigercross.
See Garelli Forum

August 22, 2002
HALLO from Austria!
Does anyone have information about my Garelli Capri Junior IV Moped ? It was produced 1967. I want to repair it true to the original. For this I need any information you can give to me. I haven?t found anything on the www about this moped. This picture shows my little one. Thanks for your help, -- s.heidrich at focusmrdot com

August 17, 2002
I just found your site. I resently bought a Garelli Moped. It is a 1980 model # SA07785. It was running when it got put in storage 5 years ago but my brother has the twin and it ran but mine will not. I cleaned the tank out for rust but it should run. I noticed that a lot of people wanted more info on mopeds. I can sell it whole or part it out if need be. Please let me know how much. P.S. My moped is in near perfect condition. -- cbc1234 at excitedot com

August 10, 2002
dove posso acquistare un motore tipo mosquito...
See Garelli Forum

July 30, 2002
In 1975/1976 I owned two garelli tiger cross mopeds GPE368N and LPF357P...
See Garelli Forum

July 11, 2002
I have the opportunity to purchase a Garelli 160 with 865 original miles. It is a 1967 and I was told that is the only year sold in California. It has a Laverda motor...
See Garelli Forum

May 28, 2002
Hi, I'm Junior Graziano from Naples-Italy, I would like to restore my Agrati-Garelli Capri 50, year 1968, in his originali color (grey/blue). I'm searching for code color or foto/images that look the original color. Can you help me??? -- juniorgraziano at hotmaildot com

May 7, 2002
Does anyone want to buy a Garelli concorde? It's very good condition and has only done 2000 miles since new. 12 months tax, 12 months MOT, even includes original tool kit still in the original Garelli bag. If anyone is interested e-mail me at thendry at

April 29, 2002
Hi I don't know if anyone out there can help me but I have just acquired a very old Garelli moped, and would like to sell it. It did run up to a couple of weeks ago, it is tatty but complete and needs a good home with some tender loving care. If your interested at all e-mail me and i can send you some photos of the Project. Tom: North West England.tomr.reyfam at

April 16, 2002
Hi my name is lee, I'm 17 and have recently purchased a 1972 Garelli Katia...
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April 15, 2002
My friend picked this up about 10 years ago in the Hap Jones warehouse in San Francisco, it was originally orange and had a different seat but other than that it's still all original. The engine is a four stroke and appears to be a 350 judging by the power and piston size.....any info on this Garelli would be much appreciated. -- Mike Christian....Seattle Wa. -- mikec at adreniumdot com

March 5, 2002
I have just purchased a Garelli 50cc (gary uno de luxe) or something like that. I don't know much about mopeds, so I can use all the information you have on this. thank you -- veertien-mei at hotmaildot com

February 28, 2002
Hello all,
I am owner of the Garelli Tiger XLE 125 motorcycle from the year 1988 and I need very urgently the service manual or directions for use. Thanks you very much in advance for your all information. You can see my motorcycle on the following web site: [404] -- michal.zemba at

February 24, 2002
I have a Garelli mini prix as in one of your other ads and need to buy some parts can anyone help, history?, Thanks Paul -- visionary at

February 17, 2002
Please put these parts for sale on your Garelli site for me. Garrelli Special barrel, piston and rings for sale, 250 miles only, perfect. ?70. E-mail sportsmoped76 at aoldot com  -- Thanks.

January 22, 2002
I'm an Italian biker and I am happy to have found your web-site on internet! I like very much Garelli and I send you those pictures!  I would like to know if you could sell me a Garelli fork as the picture can show you! Sorry for my English, which is not very good,
bye bye
Mario -- alice.astolfi at
Ps: Could you please publish my pictures on your web-site?

January 13, 2002
Hey fellas:
My name is Fernando, I'm from Argentina and i have a Brevetti Garelli Mosquito 38cc. with a cicle Bianchi Milano....
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January 5, 2002
Does anyone have information ie tyre pressures, bulb values etc for the Garelli concord so i can keep mine maintained correctly. Any help appreciated. Please email burnhamrebels at aoldot com

December 17, 2001
Garelli lovers,
I have just acquired approx 2 cubic metres of NEW OLD STOCK parts that suit Garelli bikes sold as canam/bombardier bantam cross & bantam junior/tiger cross.
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December 15, 2001
I inherited a 1979 Concorde from my father in 1985...
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November 25, 2001
Hello all, just thought I'd share a few "Garelli" memories with anyone who cares to read them; I bought a tiger cross in 1980...
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November 3, 2001
I've just been reading glowing reports about Garelli's. I bought a brand new Concorde in 1974. It cost ?129 on the road...
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October 21, 2001
I'm trying to restore a Garelli Katia Moped made in 1972 I think it was, or that is when it got its quality award...
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October 6, 2001
I hope someone can help me though my info is a bit vague.... my friend has a Garelli motorcycle he wants to get in running condition and he needs to know the correct fuel/oil mixture. The only info I have is that it is an Italian made Garelli with the numbers 354 on the engine or thereabouts and it is 50cc. If I could get a close enough to be safe ratio or the most common it would be of some help or even an idea where to find or buy the information. thank you for any help anyone can provide. email me at cbhippy at hotmaildot com

September 6, 2001
Hello Friends,
I am looking for a verticle Garelli 50 cc & 80 cc two stroke engine with Foot operated gears & kick start. Please let me know about the same so that we can discuss further. -- Dinesh Tandon -- pacco at

September 5, 2001
Hi, some lovely pics of Italian bikes you will find at , The site is for all Steyr Puch freaks, but we love some 50ccm bikes to and have also some pics and informations about the Garelli racers of the 70ies. Come and visit us. -- webmaster at puchtrdot com

September 1, 2001
Hi fellow Garelli fans,
Anyone want to buy this 1974 Garelli Rekord? Needs renovation but a good cheap project at ?160. Uk only, I'm afraid. e-mail brent at
Thanks for a great service from a very satisfied subscriber.
Best Regards, -- Brent Fielder

August 27, 2001
RE: Garelli tiger cross
Good price paid for the right bike 1977-1977. UK only. -- thanks -- Martyn Royce -- martyn at

August 17, 2001
Hi! I own a Garelli Mosquito 38B...
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July 11, 2001
Hi can anyone tell me if this engine was fitted to a Fantic it has come to me as an extra with a Garelli Tigercross i was told it was from a Fantic chopper its engine no is 2658 any info would be useful. -- Thanks -- Geoff Hewett -- Beeza-Geoff at btinternetdot com

May 20, 2001
I have in my possession a 1965 ish Garelli M3 moped. Do you know of any such machine, and if so where can I get some info on it please?
Alan Hurcombe -- alan.hurcombe at

May 19, 2001
Hallo Garelli Fan`s,
Come to Richci`s Garelli Page at Geocities [404], Yours is very cool .
We have also a Garelli gang in Holzkirchen By Munic in Bavarian Germany
Wish you a got Drive...
Richi`s friend CAN -- Candemir.Ok at

May 15, 2001
I urgently need to buy a Mosquito 49 cc...
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April 30, 2001
Dear Garelli Lovers,
I bought during an exposition an old Mosquito 49cc. ...
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April 17, 2001
Has nobody ever heard of the 98cc Garelli Motorcycle circa 1963. I owned one for several years and my friend also owned a 1962 model (identical).

With a bit of polishing and skimming these would touch into the low 70's (tail wind). Handling was superb, nothing better at the time , brakes were excellent (better than the tyres ), but acceleration was leisurely. I believe there was a limited edition sold in the UK called possibly the 'Lion' ? This was a lightly tuned version which I think was road tested at almost 80 mph on the flat.
David Germany -- daveg46 at
Daventry England

April 10, 2001
I just purchased an old engine 2 stroke Mosquito 38cc Brevetti moto Garelli...
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March 25, 2001
I've decided to clear out a lot of my 1970s Garelli collection and will be sorting them out for sale in the very near future. There are several Tiger Cross and Rekords, complete bikes and lots of projects and spares. Some of the bikes are in first class condition, one 1974 Tiger for instance has done 2,000 miles from new and is in ready to go shape. Others range from ready to MOT to ready to strip and restore. I've also got a Puch 125, a Puch M50 and a 1960s Berlini, all to sell. If you're after a bike, and live in the UK, please e-mail me with your requirements and I'll tell you what I've got. Cheers, Brent Fielder 

June 22, 2001
Brent just let me know that the bikes are now sold -- Sheldon

March 22, 2001
Hi Garelli fans!
Here you are some Garelli Ancient pics. Some of them were included in last zip file but most of them are new.

If you don't want to receive this e-mails, reply to me because I am preparing pics about different topics (racing, models, advertising, ancient, parts and my personal photos) that I will email you on Friday.

I strongly recommend you to enter because it is an excellent page about Garelli's comeback. Did you know that they are preparing to return to grand prix racing?

Nowadays I am working at Peugeot Citro?n Argentina but I would like to join this new return of Garelli in any way. What about you?

You can find me fedeberk at hotmaildot com

Ing. Federico Berkelaar (24 years old)

From Sheldon: I've posted the photos on a separate page...

March 16, 2001
Hello Garelli Fan`s,
Please visit my Garelli Photo Page
THX Richi -- Candemir.Ok at

March 12, 2001
I have a Garelli 98 first registered in 1963, and am trying to source a workshop manual or parts list for it. I have only ever seen one other 98 which had been restored, but had no engine internals. If anybody has one please get in touch. -- Barry Davies -- barry at

February 22, 2001
Hello, I want to get information about the 1974 Garelli baby mosquito....
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February 19, 2001
Garelli Mosquito Bike engines
Had three of these little jewels....
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February 17, 2001
Dear Garelli site,
Here are some pics from 77 of me and some mates. They show 2 Gts, Garelli special, Super T and an Agrati Garelli (triangle frame).
Thanks, -- Andy -- MrAndyCarter at aoldot com

[Some images unused. Ed.]

January 1, 2001
I've got large stocks of Garelli moped spares for sale...
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December 29, 2000
I own a mosquito made by Crossley motors Liverpool..
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December 24, 2000
I have just set up a U.K club for Garellis it is open to all owners and any age or type of Garelli.

It's main intension is to further the restoration of Garelli's, to help people keep there Garelli's on the road, contacts for parts and a general furthering of knowledge.

This club will be open to all owners of Garelli's in the U.K and overseas there is no joining fee and there will be 4 newsletters per year at present this is free as I am trying to keep costs down buy only sending the newsletter to e-mail recipients.

The Club contact details are -

The editor. The 70's Garelli's Owners club. e-mail Robsgarellibits at btinternetdot com

December 18, 2000
Help!! Where in Texas can I get parts for a 125 Garelli.....and how do I hotwire it?...the picture is the same that is on the side of the gas tank/.. -- thanks -- Cctf123 at aoldot com

November 18, 2000
I have a 1976 Garelli moped which looks a bit lick a chunkey push bike with chunkey tyres its in a very rough state nowever it will start (sometimes) and I do Have the registration document. I put it in the paper at ?35.00 and got 45 calls so I didn't sell it as I am now confused as to what it is?
can anyone help and what is it worth?
Thanks Martin (U.K.) -- martin.jackson at

October 25, 2000
Look out world!
Garelli is back in Italy and Argentina! Enter  and alucinate! -- Federico Berkelaar -- fedeberk at hotmaildot com

Garelli Italy home page

October 25, 2000
I have a Garelli noi moped for sale just needs rewiring offers around ?100 interested email me at dcnw36840 at

October 22, 2000
I have a Garelli moped were can i get parts from can you help me if you can then email me at dcnw36840 at thanks  -- Budgie

October 19, 2000
Guten Tag from Germany,
I want to sell some engine dismantling instructions for the following models:
Europed 25/Bonanza 25/Duoped...
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October 16, 2000
Interesting to see your site on Garelli Motorcycles. I was an engineer with American Garelli in the mid 70's. In my travels to the Garelli plants in Italy I got to know Dr. Benso Marelli, a specialist in internal combustion engines... a very bright man. Garelli engines were produced in Milan, while there frame and assembly plant was in the Monticello area in the foothills of the Italian Alps, a charming village setting.

I did not retain much of any documentation, although, with some effort, I imagine I might be able to blow some dust off of a few memory cells. The Garelli Moped is a good product, and it is very simple to work on. The rubber centrifugal clutch design is a thing of beauty in its simplicity. -- Richard Jones -- richard at photocontrolsdot com

October 16, 2000
Parts for any kind of GARELLI Motorcycles you can order at J?rgenKretschmann (Germany) ...
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October 14, 2000
I've got a bike engine Giarelli Baby Mosquito....
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September 5, 2000
I am looking to purchase an original, full working order Garelli tiger cross of any ilk...
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August 28, 2000
Hi out there,
I have a Garelli Monza Special, first registered in August 1968....
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August 24, 2000
Please take a look at my little website are listed all my manuls
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August 24, 2000
Hi Josh, Rob, and others who seemed to be looking for parts .. these are some sites that that I've found....
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August 18, 2000
I have a Garelli Mosquito bicycle motor. Would you please send me a photo of the fixing bracket...
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August 16, 2000
Here in Hamilton MA is an older man with a garage full of Garelli's and Puch's, Used to have a shop called Freeman Cycle, and sold mopeds. Many of his are only good for parts, but he may have what you need. Send me an email with info and I'll call him for you. Also, Where can I get a speedometer cable for a 79 Garelli, and also an owners manual.

Be good -- Richard Boroff -- rboroff at junodot com

August 15, 2000
Hello, my name is Josh Staples. I just ran across you website while looking for information about Garelli mopeds. I just acquired a frame with wheels tires shocks lights horn and seat, voltage regulator and few wires. I am looking to make it runnable again but I cannot seem to find anything about Garelli, as in,, where I can purchase parts, or even if they are still a running business. I have one moped already but this one has a heavier frame which is good. If you have any info that you may think I might benefit from, please mail me back. Thanks a lot! -- Sincerely, Josh Staples -- ShakanaMan at aoldot com

August 3, 2000
Hi Sheldon,
One of my friends is currently repairing two Garelli Mosquito 38cc bicycle engines...
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July 27, 2000
can anyone help me ? I am looking for a flywheel rotor to complete my Garelli concorde. ...
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July 20, 2000
In 1975 I was 16 and it was time for me to get a moped, so I looked in the second hand pages of the local paper and low and behold a Garelli Record was for sale.

I had never heard of a Garelli before but was so enthusiastic to get some wheels as all my friends had Yamaha FS1E's Puch Maxi's Puch GP's etc. The first time out with all my friends I left all of them in the dust and it continued that way - so long as I replaced the crankshaft seals regularly and kept various NGK B9es spark plugs.

Any way to cut a long story short when I bought my next bike a Kawasaki KH 500 the Garelli was retired to the shed. Now at 41 years old my children 11 and 13 have taken an interest, does any one out there know where I can get Garelli engine spares ( I was wise enough then to fill the engine with oil to preserve it) I need piston rings base gasket and various cables then it should run !! -- Contact me at jrhodes at irfdot com

June 29, 2000
Hi, while surfing the net I found your site... You are the 2nd person on my small planet that's heard of a Garelli... Reallllly... Anyway, I need the right side pedal assembly (Pedal & Arm)... Also need more cc's. I want my SS XL to look and run like the Mini Prix on your page... Any info, parts, tips, would be appreciated.
Thanks -- Rob -- Cinti, Ohio -- KARMANN561 at aoldot com
P.S. Can I install a battery and electronic ignition? Anyone out there with info? Hit me... Thanks again!!

June 4, 2000
The Mosquito was built in Italy buy a firm that was later to be known as Agrati Garelli...
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May 21, 2000
I know that the first Garelli Mosquito engine was designed and produced in 1946, just after the end of WW2....
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May 10, 2000
Hi, everybody!
I'm a Garelli fan from Argentina, South America. In this country, the Garelli mopeds were produced from 1985 to 1998. I can easily find spare parts for Team and Noi models, and I will send FOR FREE small ones like piston rings. I have two Garelli Noi ?88 & ?89, and I'd love to trade any photo or information about this brand.

The zip attached contains many photos. I also have a lot of pictures I?m yet to scan, and the Garelli history since 1912 which I will translate since it is written in Italian! 

Please, send me as much info as you can because I'm thinking about creating a site related to this glorious motorcycles.

By the way, my name is Federico Berkelaar (24), an industrial engineer who will be pleased to answer ANY technical question. Keep in mind that Spanish is my native language.

My Garelli Noi "Silver Arrow" 1989 is powered up with a Polini Cylinder & Piston 65 cm3 and a Dell Orto 20mm carburetor, and a genuine Polini exhaust pipe.

Limited speed is 90 km/h at 9500 RPM because it has no electronic ignition.
You can find me at fedeberk at hotmaildot com Federico Berkelaar

See top of page for download info

May 11, 2000
Here is the second part of pics, as I've promised. This time the zip file is larger but it's worth the wait! Thomas: I think you should send your entire e-mail to everyone in my list. I know a lot about your bike, and I will send you soon an advertisement I've got in an Italian magazine.

You should install a Polini Cylinder in your engine, like the one in the pics. It upgrades to 65 or 80 cm3, I don't remember. I've got replies from Doug, Tweeekrrr and Growa, and I thank all of you.
See you soon... -- fedeberk at hotmaildot com  Federico Berkelaar

Zip File #2 (1,095k zipped - very large, do not download unless you are prepared to take the time) 

See Forums for downloads.

April 20, 2000
Where can I find/buy a service manual for a 1976 Garelli moped?  Failing that I would purchase a generic moped manual. Any advice would be appeciated. -- Thank you, -- Topaz -- topaz at pathcomdot com

April 15, 2000
We just bought a 1977 Garelli 50cc Moped. Does anyone know the recommended 2 cycle oil to gas mix ratio? Please email theduponts at  Thank you.

March 25, 2000
Hi. My name is Robert.
You have asked about information about Garelli's Iam at present restoring a U.K. model Garelli Junior 49c.c. Tiger Cross.1973 model....
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March 22, 2000
Necesito comprar una bobina de alto voltaje para el motor mosquito garelli 49cc para bicicleta....
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March 16, 2000
I recently bought a Garelli Sahel 50cc from 1988....
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March 7, 2000
RE: Garelli/bombardier
I am in Australia and thru the family have been given a late 60's 50cc Garelli mini trail bike, the top end has had it. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get parts for these motors.

Go to and search under Garelli... there is one of these unusual bikes there.. -- debris at

February 15, 2000
... to allow me to concentrate on restoring my Garelli Tigers and Rekords...

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February 13, 2000
...I have restored two Tigers and two Rekords and am presently working on a KL100....
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February 5, 2000
...My best friend's Dad used to work abroad for Penthouse magazine and bought my mate a brand new Garelli 50 moped ...
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February 1, 2000
I own a 1970 Agrati Garelli 50 cc minicross with a 4 speed gear box...
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January 29, 2000
I am in need of a spark plug wire for the Garelli Rally sport can you help me? -- Parisi5514 at aoldot com

January 22, 2000
Morini Franco engine, no more than 50cc rev & go. drum brakes, 8" alloy wheels, mono shock, single cylinder twin exhaust, clip on handle bars, rear set foot pegs with a seat height of 17" and wheel base of 33.5".

January 7, 2000
I have just purchased a Garelli Tigercross moped 1974/75 model
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I sell spares for Fantic Garelli and Gilera mopeds and motor cycles.
Bob Wright Motor Cycles
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December 8, 1999,
We urgently require a Garelli 50cc motorcycle engine with foot operated gears. We are designing a high performance motorcycle for commercial production in India anybody who can send us an engine in any condition but complete kindly mail me at kaulson at

December 7, 1999
I have a Garelli 2sp Delux and my chain snapped. How can I get a new one? -- LPShADY345 at aoldot com

From Sheldon biker at cwizarddot com:  If it is a standard linked chain you should be able to take it down to any multi-brand motorcycle shop and have them fix it. You may also want to check in at I suspect someone over there can help you.

April 16, 1999
I own a 1977 Garelli Rallysport. It runs well, but i am looking to improve it's performance with a bigger carb...
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I have read with interest the page on the Itom. I am the Editor and Press Secretary of the UK based Racing 50 Enthusiast Club. We specialize in racing 50cc motorcycles of the Classic period from the mid 1950s to 1974. At present we can have on the start line ITOMs, Minarellis, Kreidlers, NSU, Garelli, Motobi etc. They either race competitively or Parade.

I have #1 1967 Mk VIII and a 1971 Mk IX Itom, a Spondon Minarelli 50cc racer and a 3speed hand change MOTOBI 50cc racer. All of these racers are undergoing preparation for the new season but when complete I will send photos and information. I have information on the ITOM models and would be happy to answer questions, knowledge and information allowing for readers of this page.

If any reader wishes to join the club (we have members in Canada, USA, Holland, France, Australia and Italy) please ask them to send me an email to confirm interest.

JEEP JEEP-2000 at compuservedot com

See also Agrati-Garelli Scooters

If you have a query about Garelli motorcycles please contact us