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Aria Motorcycles

Franz Verheyen GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, 64 S.

Aria was primarily a bicycle firm established by Franz Verheyen, a famed cylist, motorist and aviator, owner of the first Bleriot aircraft in Germany. After some 200 victories and taking the German and European cycling championships he retired from professional bicycle racing in 1900 and established a business in Frankfurt. He was the first person to register a car in Frankfurt, in 1901, and became a racing driver, as did his brother Alex.

Verheyen produced motorcycles from 1925 to 1932.

Models offered including the 1925 F.V.F., a twostroke, and the 1931 F.V.1, a lightweight pedal-assisted machine with a 74cc Sachs engine within the frame triangle. A 1932 version had the engine mounted above the front wheel.


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