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Arthur Lincke

A Brief History of the Marque

"In the second half of the 1920s, the Arthur Lincke company sold more than 2,500 items and also began to manufacture express transport motorcycles („Eiltransport- Motorrädern “.)"

A photograph from 1907 depicts the shopfront with several two-wheelers displayed on the street in front along with 20 or so people, presumably workers. A large banner above the shop reads "Arthur Lincke", and a second one reads "Farrader". At least one of the machines appears to be a motorcycle, but the image is *very* grainy.

Another image shows their much larger new building in 1911 with the word "Motorfahrzeuge" - motor vehicles - a word which is used for both motorcycles and automobiles. The shopfront does not have doors large enough for automobiles, but there may well have been other entrances.


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