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Fri May 31 2013
SR 59 berliner
I just got this SR59 and the wiring is no good. Any idea where i could get spares or a wiring loom, or even just a wiring diagram??
colchester, UK

Thu May 23 2013
wiring diagram
berliner 150cc year 1960
help need a wiring diagram

Mon Feb 04 2013
tiloup18<at>aol dot com
parts for SR59 berlin
Berlin sr59 Berlin sr 59
looking for kickstarter return spring and spare wheel for rear luggage rack

Tue Aug 07 2012
Berlin S Motor Scooter Info
IWL ? Berlin S
in 1966 road all over Europe on a BERLIN S motor scooter. I would like more information on the this Scooter.
Actually 2 people road very nicely. Reliable and durable.
Thank you
Ron Glaze
Monterey, CA

Sat Sep 12 2009
jorge-sao<at>hotmail dot com
owner of a Berlin S Scooter 1963
1963 Berlin S
Hi, I'm the owner of one of your classic models and I am interrested in restoring it, can you help me? Where can I buy some equipment for it?
Portugal, V. N. Barquinha

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