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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured by Industry Werke Ludwigsfelde, Ludwigsfeldes Kreis Zossen, DDR. 1954-1965

Models include Pitty, Wiesel, Berlin and Troll 1. Also available was a trailer, the Campi.

Scooter development began in 1953 and entered production in 1954.

The Wiesel was followed in 1959 by the Berlin SR 59, a 125cc with 4 speed gearbox. By the end of that year the factory had produced 30,000 scooters.

The Troll name was also used by VMO.

Sun, 10 Dec 2017
voltiofrey at yahoo.com
iwl troll scooter

I would like to know how and where to get parts for my troll TR1 (touring scooter)
Miami USA

Mon Dec 02 2013
Troll scooter
IWL Troll
I live in the U.S. Just acquired a Troll scooter. Need a referral to find parts.

Wed Feb 15 2012
Engine manual or diagram fro rebuild
IWL 150 berlin
I am a bike restorer in the uk and need to assemble engine need either manual or diagrams of engine components and layout. I believe it a 1959 model

Sat Oct 08 2005
miriorinvictus at yahoo dot com
IWL Berlin
What years were the Berlin manufactured? I recently purchased one and the German paperwork that came with it says it was first registered in September of 1957. Thanks, Jim

IWL Berlin Document.jpg
IWL Berlin Document

The Scooterstation can supply a wiring diagram and a PDF of the IWL Berlin SR59 Owner's Manual

Dedicated IWL site, in German: www.iwl-stadtroller-ig.de (404)