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In 1953 the Faka factory in Salzgitter-Bad (Germany) took over production of the Walba scooter. The space-aged design with the ersatz jet air intake under the seat.

The very attractive scooters had unusual rear suspension in that the engine moved down when the wheel moved up, resulting in improved handling and rider comfort. Propelled by a JLO 192cc two-stroke engine delivering a healthy 9.5 hp which gave it a top speed of over 90 km/h, it also had hydraulic brakes.

However, the price was high, the motoring press mentioned certain disadvantages, and the onslaught of cheap three and four-wheeled minicars had begun. Production ended in 1957.

FAKA had purchased the rights to the Troll scooter around 1951 after that marque's demise.

The firm also built three-wheel delivery vehicles, with the F&S engine mounted above the front wheel and a tray at the rear. These were exported to countries as far afield as El Salvador in Central America.

Sources: Hartmut Schouwer, Phil Aynsley.

Sat Nov 06 2010
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I have a very interesting aricle with photo of Troll Faka scooter
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Thu Aug 03 2006
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Faka Commodore
Serious collector in the United States looking for a Faka Commodore for sale. Thanks, Tracy
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November 21, 2000
Could someone help find me a FAKA Commodore scooter, even an incomplete one could do it.
Thanks for all person who can lead me to a trace, -- Philip Olivier philip.olivier at

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