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A Brief History of the Marque

Father and son team Waldemar and Alexande Balbaschewski began production of motor scooters in the city of Reutlingen in 1949, a notable example of which was the Walba Deluxe. These had identical front and rear wheel suspension and an engine-transmission unit which was installed in a similar fashion to the Imme - as the rear wheel went up due to a bump on the road, the engine went down. This reduced un-sprung weight to a minimum giving the machine superior handling characteristics. It was fitted with hyraulic brakes.

The designer of the unusual body was none other than Louis Lepoix who later achieved considerable success as a designer of many other machines.

The Walba was built until 1952, when Fahrzeugwerk Kannenberg bought the company. Manufacture continued under new ownership, and it was marketed, with minor changes, as the Faka. Those changes included the omission of the distinctive Lepoix hand-guards.

There is a fine example in the collection of Museum Erfinderzeiten Schramberg.

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Tue Feb 13 2007
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walba scooter
hello my grandfather built these scooters and i would appreciate it, if you could contact me because me and my family are looking for a walba scooter and wonder were to find such.

Thu Aug 03 2006
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Walba DeLuxe
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September 12, 1999
I need details to restoring, my Walba 1952. Thank for a person who wants to help me.
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