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Bismarck Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: 1904~1957 (3 periods)

Between 1904 and 1908 Bismarck made large V-Twins with engines from Zedel. Data on this first phase of motorcycle production is scant - a German museum devoted to the marque awards a single sentence to motorcycles of this period which reads, in essence, "At the beginning of the 20th century, Bismarckwerke began developing motorcycles. As there were no engine manufacturers in Germany at that time contracts were signed with a Swiss and a French engine factory, and the first motorcycles were manufactured on a small scale."

Zedel had plants in both France and Switzerland at the time.

They ceased manufacture of motorcycles in 1908, resuming in 1931 with motorized bicycles of 75cc & 98cc from JLO and Sachs. After WWII they produced two-strokes of 98cc to 175cc with Sachs and ILO engines in a frame designed by Emil Fischer, and also built mopeds and bicycles.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 1957 and production ceased.

Bismarck Models

1949: Type LM 98T
1950: Type LM 125K
1952: Moped Ilo FP 50, LM 98 K Ilo, LM 125 K, M 150 K Sachs
1953: Type M 175K
1953: Moped FP50 JLO
1953: Type 157
1954: Moped F50 with Sachs, JLO or Zundapp.
1955: Moped 162 VB Sachs 50
1956: Moped 162 MSII Sachs, 205 VB S Sachs, 205 VB JLO.
Type LM H
Type LM D
Type LM Sport T
Type LM 36 D/H
Type LM 37 Sport T
Type LM 100K

In 1956 Bismarck mopeds were also produced under licence in Slagelse, Denmark.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, Tragatsch,,, et al.

NB. It is written elsewhere (as of Jan 2022) that 1904-1908 models were fitted with Minerva, Anzani and Fafnir engines of up to 1300cc. This appears to be incorrect, as two German sites devoted to Bismarck state that only Zedel engines were used in that period.

La Moto Bismarck

NEW to the Belgian market, the two types launched by the Bismarck company are above all utility machines. However, the presentation is in all respects remarkable.

The current program includes the 98 cc L.M. 98 T. moped. and the light motorcycle L.M. 123 K. of 125 cc. The Sachs engine is a well-known name among two-strokes, developing more than 2 CV. which, according to the catalogue, allows 60 km per hour with the small machine weighing only 60 kg. According to tradition, it is of course a bloc engine. It has a two-speed gearbox, the clutch plates being lined with cork.

Ignition and lighting are provided by a 15 watt magneto flywheel, feeding a large diameter headlight and taillight.

The frame is made of seamless, cold-drawn tubing, joined by welded fittings. Note the special assembly facilitating the removal of the rear wheel. The parallelogram front fork has two stays of pressed metal.

The the front wheel has a conventional brake, and the rear wheel is fitted with the "F. and S." hub with coaster braking. The "Torpedo" well known to cyclists for its robustness and its efficiency.

The handlebar, fixed not like that of a bicycle but well like the motorcycle, is adjustable.

We will also mention the saddle with thick foam rubber under the seat cover, the toolbox containing everything you need to get out of trouble, and up to a central support hidden under the pedals, to complete the quick description of a successful moped.

With the light motorcycle L.M. 123 K., we move into another category. We have here an ILO engine developing 3 HP. at 4400 rpm with a maximum of 4800. It is of bloc construction with a three-speed gearbox and primary chain transmission.

Lighting and ignition are done here by battery, with dynamo mounted at the end of the crankshaft in a sealed casing, with an ignition switch. Electrical equipment includes a Bosch horn.

Note the method of assembly of the frame tubes, carried out by riveting.

This is not the only original solution found in this machine.

Although equipped with a telescopic front fork and a rear fork forming an oscillating cradle, it is quite in vain that one would look there for any trace of a suspension spring.

At the front, the suspension is provided by telescopic fork arms, with rubber buffers also constituting the shock absorbers.

We will also point out, in addition to the footswitch. the spindle rear hub, the speedometer, large surface saddle. the adjustable handlebar, the 11 litre tank, and the luggage rack which can accommodate a load of 73 kg.

These are all details that, combined with the original characteristic techniques of this 125, make it a machine that will undoubtedly gain attention.

Moto-Magazine, Belgium, c.1950
Translated from French, with some parts modified or omitted.

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Bismarck 1952
Germany 150cc, twostroke engine
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Mon Feb 27 2012
1949 Bismarck Bismarck LM98
I am looking for information on where to purchase the decals used on this moped. Any help

Fri Sep 09 2011
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bismarck engine needed
1937 probably 98cc
found one chassis of bismarck would like to know if engine n other spares available

Mon Jan 07 2008
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Bismarck, Post WW2, 98cc
Spotted hung up in a bike hire shop in Formentera,Spain
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Hi, I'm Eduardo Rodrigues and i'm writing from brazil to say you taht i have a Bismarck Motorcycle. I bought in this year of germany that lives in Brazil...would you like receive a picture to add in you gallery?
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