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Gnom (JFG) Microcars

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured by JFG Ingenieurb├╝ro Fahrzeug- und Ger├Ątebau C.M. Gick, Berlin NW 87, Huttenstr. 18-20.

Built in 1949, Max Curt Gick presented this microcar at the 1950 Berlin Motor Show.

The Gnom was a tricycle with the single wheel at the front. A JLO 125cc engine drove one of the rear wheels, and with a dry weight of a mere 290kg it could achieve a maximum speed of 55 to 60 km/h.

A second model was built with four wheels. In total only four of the JFG Gnom microcars were produced.

N.B. There were several marques named Gnom. See Disambiguation

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