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Schürhoff Motorcycles

Manufactured in Bielefeld in the 1920s and the 1950s.

Schürhoff & Co. GmbH, Motor & Fahrzeugwerke, of Herforder Str. 146-166 Bielefeld, and after 1925 at Gevelsberg, Westphalia, built motorcycles during the 1920s and postwar from 1949 to 1953 under the names SCB, Siegfried and Schürhoff using engines from Sachs, Zündapp and JLO. Postwar production was mainly mopeds, but a sales publication from 1950 advertised models with Sachs and JLO 98cc, 125cc and 175cc engines.

A post on the forum demonstrates that Schürhoff motorcycles were rebadged by Staiger as the MR 125 and MR 175. Images from both companies are displayed, and they appear identical - even the model designations are the same.

There was a firm named H. Schurhoff and Co. which produced carpentry tools, weapons, iron, steel, brass-ware, and saddlery from 1842 or earlier. These products were exported to Great Britain, the East and West Indies, and North and South America.

The firm still exists as a bicycle manufacturer in Gevelsberg, Westphalia.

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