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Established in Nuremberg, Staiger Fahrzeugfabrik built Sachs-powered lightweights as early as 1935, and resumed production of motorcycles and mopeds in 1950, with a pause around 1960.

By 1966 they had moved to Stuttgart. Staiger & Co lightweights and mopeds remained in the catalogue until 1970, along with scooters from Capri in Italy and the Lastboy, badged as Staiger but probably produced by Rabeneick.

Schürhoff motorcycles were rebadged by Staiger as the MR 125 and MR 175 in the early 1950s.

A 49cc two-stroke Sachs machine was built in 1969.

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N.B. 1. There was a Paul Staiger in Stuttgart who built automobiles in the early 1920s.
2. A Staiger bicycle parts catalogue for 1950 has the Stuttgart address.

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