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TS Motorcycle by Theodor Scherf

A Brief History of the Marque

TS 1929 500cc OHV

Theodor Scherf, whilst still a student, built this quite remarkable machine during the years 1927 to 1929. In many respects years ahead of its time the motorcycle appears to have a form of anti-dive front brake.

In a discussion on the similarity to the telelever system, Kim Armand Nielsen writes,

The polished L-shaped bracket with the crown hand nut is about oscillating, but works as a friction damper to manage the oscillation of the suspension springs. The junction at the hand nut consist of multiple disc layers, much like a common motorbike clutch, which is tightened by the hand nut to increase the friction as the angle of the L changes during suspension movement.

The same principle is often used as a steering damper atop of the steering head.

The chrome V-shaped pipe anchored in front of the cylinder head is a low supporting lever which increases ridgidity of the girder. As with the Tele-lever of the BMW the difference of length may help the fork to maintain the same angle during the movement of suspension, and if this was the aim with the design Mr Scherf was very inventive.
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