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Walter Motorcycles of Germany

A Brief History of the Marque

Walter G.m.b.H. in Mühlhausen & Thüringen built motorcycles from 1903 to 1942.

Motorcycles produced prior to WWI were sold under the Möve marque which were fitted with Fafnir singles and twins.[1]
The Möve was also produced by Walter in the late 1930s.

Jeane Herveu, one of the first women to race, rode a Walter with an OHV Buchet engine in the 1903 M.C.F. Concours in France. An example of this machine, possibly the same one, was part of the Guélon Collection.


  • 1903 Walter with Buchet OHV engine.
    1928-32 Z.T. 229 Touren Modell 6 P.S. Villiers engine
    1928-32 TZ. Sp. 129 Sport Modell 7 P.S. Villiers engine
    1930 Z.T. 330 9 P.S. 300cc Windhoff engine
    1933 200 Sport F&S engine 196cc
    1933 350cc Villiers 342cc, 3 speed F&S gearbox

Czech Walter

There is also a Czech Walter marque built 1902~1949, see Walter of Prague.

A Walter sidecar was made in Germany - see the page on Sidecars

Notes1. Walter exported motorcycles under the Iduna brand according to, but thus far no other record of Iduna has been found.

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More information on Walter and Möve may be found in Deutsche Motorräder der Kaiserzeit 1885-1918 by Volker Bruse

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Walter 1921 v-twin 750cc across the frame
mention on pages 57 and 105 on military motorcycle bug by David Ansell
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