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Made in Germany
From: 1958
To: 1966

Zweirad-Union was an amalgamation of the DKW, Express and Victoria marques, based at the Victoria Works in Nuremburg. It was joined by Hercules in 1966, and soon afterwards the company was absorbed into the Fichel & Sachs group.

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I am trying to get some info on a recently acquired motorcycle.
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The bike was marketed as a Victoria 115 & 155 in 1963 or thereabouts, and also as the DKW Hummel 115 & 155 in 1962, and as the Kleinkraftrad Express 115 and Express Kavalier 115/155.

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Hi from Cologne/GER.
We want to inform that our e-mail adress has changed. zweiradunion<at> is the correct adress, zweiradunion at isn't running anymore.
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Tue Jan 27 2009
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thanks to the Zweirad Union Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH we are happy to present photos from the ZU archive:
(in German, but lots of rare photos)

Sun Dec 30 2007
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For People who search spare partes for this mopeds try

Zweirad-Union 115