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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1903~1958

Express Werke of Newmarkt, a bicycle manufacturer since 1897 which began as Goldschmidt & Co., built Fafnir-engined motorcycles in the early nineteen hundreds until 1907, then in 1930 resumed production with lightweight motorcycles using 75cc F&S engines, and in 1935 the models K 100 and K 120 appeared. Three-wheelers powered by French engines were also built during this period. Production continued until the onset of the second war, during which their efforts were focused on supplying the armed forces with motorised bicycles.

They resumed manufacture after WWII. Engines included Baker & Pölling and JLO which powered 200cc machines from 1952, along with mopeds.

The factory also produced Radex motorcycles from 1951 until amalgamation with Zweirad Union in 1959, with some catalogues listing the models as Express Radex.

Models include:
1926 Lastendreiräder (cargo tricycle)
1938 Kleinkraftrad SL98, SDL98, SL74, SDL74
1936 Motorfahrrad SL 104, SL 105

See also Express/Radex Models

Herbert Thurmer crossed the Sahara Desert on a Radexi moped in 1956.
The Belgian importer sold rebadged Express 125 and 250cc models as Ensia. Hoenson (NL), Svalan (SE) and others also rebadged various models.
There is an unreferenced note that during the 1920s frames were supplied by Hecker of Nuremburg.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, et al.

Considerably more information on the history of the company and their commmercial vehicles may be found at the Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive.

Wed Dec 24 2014
djmild at
1955 Sachs 175
Sachs Express 175
I just imported this bike from Belgium. It runs but everything on it needs attention. I'm looking for a source for engine parts. Piston kit, Bearings, seals, Gasket set. And any information as to what the correct front hub is. Mine does not have a speedometer drive gear on the front hub. So no where to screw a cable to. Any Information would be greatly appreciated.
Los Angeles, California, Usa

Mon Feb 10 2014
awbear619 at
Real Value??
Villiers Panther Express
Hi, I can't seem to find anything about these bikes except for forum chatting. Do these bikes have any real value, or just collector value? I know an old Chinese man who wants to sell me an orange colored Panther with a tank emblem showing a panther in a jumping position with the word in all caps saying EXPRESS. He said it was a 1966, but looking at all the pics, on the web, it has the strange cantilever front forks, showing it to be older. Otherwise, I can't find anything on the internet with any value attached to it. No dollar, euro, or pound symbols anywhere. He wants to sell it to me for $2,500 dollars, and he said it runs and it looks great.
Can you tell me if its worth the $2,500 dollars, and what the real value could be? Thanks.
Los Angeles

Sun Apr 28 2013
johanc1909 at
restoration project
Radexi Super deluxe eddition
i am about to restore my 1952 radexi, but i have no idea what model it is or where i can find spare parts. i have searched all over the internet but i cant find any thing about the moped
Fuglafjørður, Faroe Islands

Tue Aug 21 2012
information about sach express
express sach radex sach 175 cc
information of bike maybe 1953

Tue Jan 03 2012
cobo996<at>gmaildot com
Express information
Express Radex 175 JLO
Hello. I just finished the restoration of a 1953 Express, and would like to know as much information as possible for this bike. Ex: Production in that year, horse power, max rpm´s, max speed, original price, etc. Any information is welcome.
Medellín, Colombia

Mon Jun 01 2009
inacioweschenfelder at
wiederherstellen möchten Motorrad
express-modell SDL98 express-modell SDL98
sou do Brasil, goostaria de restaurar minha motocicleta. Se possivel gostaria de receber fotos de como era a pintura, detalhes mais aproximados do tanque e logomarca.

Ich komme aus Brasilien, goostaria zur Wiederherstellung meinem Motorrad. Wenn möglich, möchte ich auf Fotos von der Malerei, wie sie war, mehr Einzelheiten über die ungefähre Tank und Logo.

Thu Aug 28 2008
jczapiewski at
potrzebuje jakies zdjecia do modelu K 100 bym mogl zaczac malowanie tego motocykla, czy ktos moze mi w tym pomoc, potrzebna tez jakas instrukcja , schematy .
Pozdrawiam jarek

Tue Mar 11 2008
pramudita.hadisubroto at oracledot com
Picture Express-werke JLO twin 125cc 1953
1953 Twin 125 CC
dear sir
I have Express-werke JLO twin 125cc,1953. Good condition and still working. I need original pictures for repainting in to original one. If you have a photo/pictures could you please send it to me.
Appreciated your help

Pramudita - Jakarta Indonesia

Fri Feb 22 2008
furqie2 at yahoodot com
Manual book
Express-werke JLO twin 125cc 1952
I have Express-werke JLO twin 125cc, I need manual book for overhaul the engine

This page mentions JLO manuals: books-manuals.htm

Fri Jan 26 2007
kriek at
kolben jlo m250
express 250 single jlo
loking fore piston m250 jlo bloc and manuel grüb
essen, belgie

Mon Nov 06 2006
cmoore at versitecdot com
German Express Motorcycle
I am looking for a picture of a German Express Motorcycle. My husband bought one while in the USAF in Holland. He was there from 1966-69. I am working on a surprise Xmas project - trying to find pictures of all his cars & motorcycles. I believe he bought the cycle in 1967 - it was probably a few years old. Any help would be appreciated - Sorry, I don't have much info.

Chris Moore - Ohio
USA - Oh

Wed Sep 27 2006
fgomez-martinez at hotmaildot com
express werke neumarkt modelo 1954
Tiene motor sachs favor enviarnos fotografias, historia manuales este con el animo de restaurar una motocicleta de este tipo
cali, colombia

Translation: It has motor Sachs please send photographs to us, history manual east with I animate to recover a motorcycle of this type

Wed May 03 2006
candacestar at
Express 1950 250cc single (JLO)
Enjoyed your page on Express. Have been long searching for info. I owned one 45 years ago and deeply regret having sold it! Can you sugest any other links or other info!!!
Thankyou very much,
Robert Burns
Florida , USA

Wed May 03 2006
candacestar at
I am searching for information about a motorcycle (one of which I owned) in about 1950. It was a single cyclinder 2 stroke touring bike built by JLO.Enclosed chain, key on headlight 2 seats, (pagusa). I believe the centerstand was on the rear wheel. ANY info wanted!
Florida , USA

There are a couple of Express resources in Bikelinks. Ed. wow!!!!!!!!!!
that site was great, the first time i found direct evidence that someone else still has interest in express motorcycles, and great information.
( now i need to learn german)
thanks i appreciate your efforts,
robert burns

Sat Dec 03 2005
luisfsalda at
need information
I just found a Express motorcycle 1.954 I need to find information of it to make a very good restauration, can you help me with this. Thanks.

The motorcycle have too many numbers:

1. Behind the engine............44932
2. Left side of the engine......491428
3. I.D plate right side of the engine: TYP M 175 Allg.Btr.Nr.840
PLAG  481428
Bmstr.Nr 49000026
ccm  Brems-ps 8.2
4. Back Left side chassis I.D. plate: Fahrgest 0616645
Motor 491428
Hubrqum 174  ccm<
  Eigengew 123
Daujahr 1952
Zul Gesgmtgew 273

This is all the information that I found. I really aprecciate all your
information. If you know clubs or where I can found parts for it please
let me know. Thanks so much. LUIS.

It appears to be a 1952 model. What make of motor does it have - Sachs or JLO? Ed.

December 3, 2000
Express Club: Express-IG
Best Regards -- Andreas Behrendt -- A.Behrendt at

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