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Ensia 1954 250cc
(Has UT insignia - see gallery)

A Brief History of the Marque

Built at Rue d'Italie, Ans (near Liège), Belgium. The parent company was named Emva.

Fitted with Sachs and ILO engines, some models were manufactured in Germany by Express.

An example illustrated in the gallery is a 250cc JLO built in 1954, plunger suspension, burgundy wtih 6,000 km.

Another is a 1956 model with a 125cc JLO twin-port engine, rigid rear, blue with a chrome tank.

N.B. It is possible that the EMVA company name changed to Ensia. It is also possible that all Ensia models were rebadged Express machines.

Source: wikipedia

Wed, 01 Nov 2017
bram_vaesen at hotmail.com
Ensia 125cc JLO engine 1956

Hallo i'm restoring this Ensia motor cycle. ist from first owner 125cc JLO engine from 11/1956. I'll probably have it running next summer. maybe you can add this one to the list.
bram vaesen
Eksel Belgium

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