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Radex 1955 125cc
Photo by Hans Denzel

Manufactured by the Express factory in Germany from 1951 to c.1959

History of Radex and Express motorcycles.

ianross at
I am trying to find more information on a Radex Express I own.
The bike is a 1956 49ccm and I am missing the steel panels. For the chain guard and the side cover plates from the tank to the motor. Be great to find out where I can get these from. Perhaps try some of the German dealers and clubs listed here: German Resources.
More info under history, linked above. Ed.
Radex-1956-M52-IRo.jpg images posted to Comments.

Sat Oct 15 2016
dimitroulapapouli at
parts for restoration
Radex Express 151
I am looking for the following parts:

1) front light complete
2) back light
3) steering wheel
4) main switch
5) left and right controls and scripts
6) wheel rims 2,75 x 19 (36 holes)
7) wheel rims 300 x19 (36 holes)
8) rays
9) chain guard
10) evaporation, neck, base and nut
11) pedal, brake and cable
12) maspie front tires
13) horn
14) bellows front system
15) battery case
16) seat
17) rear rack
18) rear right shock absorber
19) flanges, crank seals
20) crank spring
21) gear front and rear
22) rear shock springs
23) stickers tank signals
24) tank tires
25) speedometer cable
26) ears for front lantern (left, right)
27) back lantern bushing

Tue Feb 03 2015 at
Radex Expres 125 cc JLO
Can you help me with my Radex Exprees 125 cc JLO motorbike. I'm in restoration process and I need manual for dis motorcycle. I need info where I can buy the accessories and spare part to complete my motorcycle restoration.

Sun Apr 28 2013
johanc1909 at
restoration project
Radexi Super deluxe eddition
i am about to restore my 1952 radexi, but i have no idea what model it is or where i can find spare parts. i have searched all over the internet but i cant find any thing about the moped
Faroe Islands

Tue Nov 25 2008
m2-broadband at
Need Spare Part and Accessories
Radex Express JLO 125 cc Sport 1953
Dear Sirs,
I am in restoration process of my radex express jlo 125 cc 1953. I need info where I can buy the accessories and spare part to complete my motorcycle restoration.
Please share the info to me.



July 21, 2000
I have a RADEX (Express) JLO 125cc, 2 stroke, 2 exhaust, motorcycles 1953, could you tell me where I can find the spare-parts or accessories for this?
I will greatly appreciate if you can help me.
Thank You.
Best Regards,
Fransiscus Susetyo -- balibengong at yahoodot com
Jl. Gurita I no. 30, Sesetan
Ph: 62-361-722588 Cellular: 081-139-7288
Denpasar - Bali, 80361

June 15 2000
Hello, I live in THAILAND. I have a 1953 Radex 251 express m/c.  Now, I am trying to restore it to original. But I do not know much about this bike .

Thank you very much to Andreas Behrendt ( A.Behrendt at ) and EXPRESS CLUB in Germany for workshop manual, part book and hand book that they gave me. -- boonsong tungsattayatithan -- bosotu at thaimaildot com

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