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STYL KAR Three-Wheelers

Stylianos Karakatsanis established a business in Thessaloniki after World War II repairing and selling ex-military motorcycles, and began transforming them into light trucks. During the 1950s he produced complete vehicles and by 1959 the first STYL KAR three-wheeler trucks were produced.

In 1965 the production facility moved to Athens, and more advanced designs were introduced. During the military dictatorship in Greece (1967–1974) laws for type certification were made more flexible, while three-wheelers enjoyed a favorable tax treatment.

STYL KAR built a new, larger factory in 1967 and soon the VW-powered Model 1300 was introduced and became its most successful product.

In the early 1970s they designed a 4-wheel truck which did not enter production, and developed a light sports car for which construction commenced of a new factory in Thiva to produce it.

However, questionable results of a tax audit which resulted in a huge debt to the government brought the company to its knees, and in 1979 or 1980 it closed.

Source: en.wikipedia.org