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Pitsos 3-Wheel Utility Trucks

PITSOS was founded in Athens in 1865 and for several decades it was a manufacturer of small household items and appliances. In 1959 it began production of modern home appliances in a new factory, subsequently experiencing rapid growth that established it as one of the leaders in the Greek market. Other products were also developed including 3-wheel pickup trucks.

The latter were introduced in 1968 and were available with the company's characteristic cab, and in light van or open versions. They sold fairly well, although despite the company's fame and resources never became serious competitors to MEBEA's models. In 1976 PITSOS was acquired by Germany's Bosch- Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH and its range of products was progressively reduced; this strategy involved termination of production of some "non-core" products, which brought an end to the PITSOS company's vehicle production venture.

Sources: Labros Skartis

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