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Grindley Motor Co

Grindley motorcycles were produced by Bill Grindley, a sporting motorcyclist, at the Grindley Motor Co works in Prees, Shropshire, from 1922 to 1939.

Bill Grindley built a number of specials over a long period of time. These were constructed to his own specifications and brought him great success in local competitions.

In 1922 he entered the Six Days Trial on a sports model which was fitted with a 249cc sv JAP engine, using a two-speed Burman gearbox and all-chain drive. This was a great beginning and afterwards replicas of his machine were listed at £75 each.

From then on, and throughout World War II, he and his machines were famous amongst serious enthusiasts.

N.B. This firm is unrelated to Grindlay-Peerless.

Sources: Graces Guide

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