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Aliprandi Motorcycles of Italy


The workshop of the brothers Aliprandi was formed in 1922, building bicycles.

In 1925 the company's first motorcycles were elegant lightweights built with using Moser 125 and 175 engines, and later they fitted JAP and Sturmey-Archer 175, 250, 350 and 500cc engines from Great Britain.

In 1929 Gorla-Precotto of Milan formed a company with the name OASA, (Officine Aliprandi Società Anonina) and manufactured motorcycle engines, in addtion to fitting JAP and Ladetto 175cc engines to their machines. These motorcycles were sometimes referred to as OASA-Aliprandi.

Construction of motorcycles continued until the early thirties.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, Tragatsch p72.

Tue Mar 02 2010

Aliprandi 175cc
Motore:175cc, 4tempi, valvole laterali, magnete BTH, carburatore Cozette, cambio 2 marce,pneus. 26 x 2 1/2 a tallone

La moto Aliprandi è del 1927.
Il blocco motore-cambio è Sturmey-Archer.
Allego foto di maggior risoluzione.
La moto ha ottenuto l' omologazione ASI nel 1982.
Se avete interesse ad altre informazioni su questa o altre moto sarò lieto di darvele.
Saluti, Ermino.

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