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Aspi Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1946 to 1949

In 1947 the engineer Salvatore Nacci designed for ASPI (Attrezzature Servizi Pubblici Industriali) a motorcycle which was presented at the Milan Fair. The horizontally opposed 124.7cc two-stroke in a compact engine block with a compression ratio of 6:1 delivered a claimed 5 hp to the rear wheel via shaft drive.

In 1949 two new models of 125 and 175 cc were revealed in the same boxer configuration, with the addition of a rotary inlet valve. The gear change of these machines was controlled from the handlebars, scooter-fashion.

It appears that these prototypes did not reach production.

From 1945 the company also built two-stroke auxilliary bicycle engines of 48cc, and these micromotors may have remained in production until 1951. There is an unverified listing for Aspi which reads: Centrale 50cc 1952-1955.

An article on the Aspi 125cc Twin appeared in The Motor Cycle, 20th March, 1947.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia

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