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Busi Nettunia Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured at Via Fossolo 38, Bologna, 1946~1964

Prior to WWII Athos Busi worked with with Enzo Mengoli building racing bicycle frames. Postwar, trading as Officina Meccanica Busi, he built frames for mopeds and scooters in which a variety of engines were installed.

In 1947 using the original trademark of Cicli Busi, a Nettunia 48 with a Cucciolo Ducati engine was produced.

This was followed by a 98cc two-stroke possibly from Parilla. It had a rigid rear end and light telescopic forks, and a sprung solo saddle. It attracted little attention, and then a 125 appeared described as fast, comfortable and elegant. But still no buyers.

At the XXIX Esposizione di Milano, in January 1952, they presented a 160, the result of collaboration with skilled designer Enrico Pedrini. The engine also powered a motofurgone.

Customers experienced various mechanical problems, especially with the gearbox. Sales slowed, and the gap between costs and revenue grew. They entered bankruptcy in October 1953.

It is unclear what transpired after this, but there are well-documented examples of models as late as 1956 with hydraulic rear dampers. The Busi firm was established pre-war, they occupied the premises at Via Fossolo 38 on the 9th July 1946. As FMB, established c.1959, had the same address and one of the partners was Athos Busi, it seems likely that production of some type continued between 1953 and 1959.

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