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D&C Motorcycles - De Stefani and Conti

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Vittorio Conti and Tullio De Stefani built their first motorcycle in their workshop in the Chienti valley near Tolentino in 1923 - it was cobbled together using an elderly Faini engine, somewhat modified, with a variety of chassis parts. The Faini is a 125cc two-stroke with an Eisemann magneto and a Longuemare carburetor. Conti's first race was on 20 July 1924 in Tolentino - he went on to ride many more.

Two years later, after many wins, Fratelli Faini of Lecco offered Conti & De Stefani a dealership, and at about that time construction of their first production motorcycle began. Named the Fabbrica Italiana Ciclomotri D & C (for De Stefani & Conti), solo and sidecar machines were offered for 4,000 and 6,000 lire, each powered by a Della Ferrera 125cc two-stroke.

For 1927 the Tolentino company added three new lightweight models - The Baby, the Balloon and the KSS, all retaining the Della Ferrera 125. The Baby was designed for ladies and clergymen, the Balloon was the gentlemans' version, and the KSS was a sports model with dual exhausts and drum brakes front and rear.

Towards the end of 1928 Tullio De Stefani left the firm. Vittorio continued, and renamed the brand to Conti.
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