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Frisoni Scooters

A Brief History of the Italian Marque Frisoni, c1951-1957

The company began producing electric lights for bicycles in 1929 in Cedrate di Gallarate.

Luigi Frisoni, a native of Rimini, had previously worked with Agusta and Aeronautica Macchi.

His workshop specialized in the construction of fuel tanks, forks, rims and in 1945 had almost two hundred employees.

In 1950 the first lightweight motorcycle with a Villiers 98 did not achieve great success.

Ferruccio Frisoni, company co-owner with his father Luigi, directed the production of the scooter presented in 1952 at the Milan Show under the Superba banner using NSU 125 engines and later Astoria 150-160 units.

They also built a motorcycle with a 200cc Villiers engine, and a number of other prototypes which did not see production.

In 1960 they ceased building motorcycles but the company continued making appliances and other products until 1970.

Frisoni 125cc scooters were available in 1952, according to documentation. The the same scooter was marketed as Superba

Superba Scooter
4 speed , single cylinder twostroke of 160cc, 58 x 60mm

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, Henshaw

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