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Ganna Motorcycles

Made in Italy from 1923 to circa 1968.

A Brief History of the Marque
Ganna manufactured numerous handsome, sporty machines in Varese, Italy, from 1923 well into the 1960s using engines in the 175-500cc range from Blackburne and JAP prior to WWII, and then with 49cc to 250cc two-strokes from Puch, Sachs and Minarelli. In 1936 they built their own 500cc four-valve overhead cam engine.

Although not greatly successful in competition, there is a record of a Ganna JAP finishing second in a race at the Circuito delle Prealpi Varesene, Varese, in July 1931. See Ganna History

Con-NSU sold a Ganna which most likely had an NSU engine. The Ganna Lario 50cc ran an NSU engine. There was also a machine known as the Italo-Fox which was actually a Ganna Furetto.

There is a book on Ganna:
Ganna: il campione, le gare, le motociclette - by Ernesto Restelli. (Azzate: LVG, 2001). Italian. 127 p., illustrations, 21 x 30 cm. Autobiography of Italian racer, Luigi Ganna. Covers bicycle and motorcycle racing.

Models include:

    Moped NSU 1962~

    125 Sport 125cc 1954-1956

    175 175cc 1931-1936

    175 Sport 175cc 1954-1956

    250 250cc 1933-1937

    350 350cc 1933-1937

    500 1935 Ganna Phyton 500cc

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1935 Ganna Phyton 500 Suche Aufkleber für Tank beschriftung Bremen German

Sat Aug 02 2008
lulu-bia at
bicicleta antiga
Ganna Ganna varese Femenina
Tenho uma bicicleta ganna varese produzida em 1945 aproximadamente.Como vou
restaura-la , gostaria de receber algumas fotos dela e informações para que eu possa fazer um bom trabalho.

Nov 9th 2005
Look at this site, it has pictures of four Gannas.
you can find more info on this site by searching Oldtimers Picture Gallery
Thanks for any information that you can find.

Tue Nov 08 2005
wkfogg at
Ganna Motorcycle, 250 Normale
I have this machine, and I am in the process of rebuilding. What do I have? The only one in existance???