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Gianca Scooters

A Brief History of the Italian Marque
Based in Monza, the firm produced only one model, the Nibbio 100 designed by Scarpa[1]. The first machines were presented at the Milan Show in 1947, and used similar concepts to those later employed by Innocenti's Lambretta. The Italian scooter concept was strongly contended at the time by others including Piaggio and Isothermos, and the Gianca concern ceased production the following year, and then sold their ideas in 1949 to San Cristoforo who built a version of the Nibbio.
Notes. 1. Gianfranco Scarpa, who designed the Furetto, inspiration for Rivolta's legendary Iso Furetto.
2. The Nibbio is sometimes touted as Italy's first scooter. Whilst it was probably the first scooter produced in the Lombardy region, before that there was was the Volugrafo, used by airborne forces during the war. Scooters were available in Italy in the early 1920s.
Source: it.wikipedia

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