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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1952-1958

In 1953 the Industria Meccanica Napoletana company based in Naples built the Paperino moped powered by a Mosquito 38 cc engine in a conventional pressed-metal frame. They also built the Baio, a 100cc lightweight motorcycle with a four-stroke engine suspened beneath the chassis. In 1955 the Superpaperino Lusso was released with similar characteristics to the Paperino Normale.

In 1956 a Super Sports Lusso was added which had a three-speed 49 cc two-stroke engine giving it a claimed speed of 70 km/h. That year a 65 cc two-stroke three-speed transmission, a lightweight motorcycle of 65 cc, and a fully clothed scooter with the same engine.

Also revealed along with a new lightweight 4-speed 100cc model was the Rocket 200 sporting an OHV 198cc horizontally opposed twin of 11hp delivered via four-speed gearbox and shaft drive with helical-cut bevel gears. It has a tubular trellis frame, telescopic front forks and hydraulic rear suspension units.

In 1957 they released the Paperino Sprint, but the market conditions were very tight and the company closed in 1958.

Sources: Tragatsch p282, et al.

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