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A Brief History of the Marque

With help from Benelli Armi in Pesaro the MBA factory (Morbidelli-Benelli-Armi) was established to produce Morbidelli motorcycles of 123 cc and 248 cc. These were designed by Jorg Möller, known for his extensive work with Kreidler. The MBA team won the 125 cc World Championship in 1978 with Eugenio Lazzarini and in 1980 with Pier Paolo Bianchi. Morbidelli continued in Grand Prix competition until the 1982 season.

The MBA was the weapon of choice for privateers for some years.

Source: Wikipedia

exoilvp at hotmail dot com
Dear Sirs,
The info on the bike shown below and on your website is very wrong.
This motorcycle is not a "1973 Morbidelli GP 125 RHS" (whatever that is ???) but a Benelli Armi production racer built in 1976 and 1977 only under a Morbidelli license. Its correct name is “MBA 125VR”.
It has been modified from the standard production bike of which 250 were built, with a different fork, front brake, rear brake, rear suspension’s swing arm, rear shock absorbers and fairing. Not a good example of the breed in any case.
In 1973, Morbidelli only raced a single 125cc machine that is a completely different motorcycle, meaning every single part of it. It was a bad year with very little success.
Philippe de Lespinay
Newport Beach, California

Many thanks, Philipe, greatly appreciated. The images you refer to have been moved to the MBA gallery and descriptions changed accordingly.
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Thu Nov 17 2005 mba 125 cc 1985 Hola, sera posible saber si tinene informacion sobre la MBA 125 cc de 1985. Gracias

Translation: Hello, it it possible to know if tinene information on the MBA 125 cc of 1985

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