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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1921-1927

Motorcycle built in Pesaro in 1921 by the Molaroni brothers using a vertical single-cylinder two-stroke engine of 300cc, with a two-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox, using clutch and pedals via chain drive.

The company also produced a horizontally opposed 600cc two-stroke twin. This machine, with modifications, was produced until 1924 when a revamped version appeared with a new type muffler, brakes on both wheels, and a three-speed gearbox.

In 1925, the catalogue listed models C, CS, D and DS. The first two had engines of 300cc, the D and the DS had 344cc.

At the end of 1925 the Società Moto Molaroni company was created and the launch of a new model, a vertical single-cylinder four-stroke OHV 350cc with three-speed transmission, a tubular frame and girder-style forks in three versions, Turismo, E Sport, and E Special, capable of 125 km/h.

That year the company moved production to Bergamo and in 1926 revealed an interesting 350cc OHV single, but the following year they ceased trading.

The firm was well known in the field of ceramics, and continued to produced quality crockery for many decades after the end of the motorcycle venture. A book on the motorcycle years is available by Paolo Prosperi, Moto Molaroni. 300pp.

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Molaroni Pesaro Barnfind

Molarini Acccumulatre

Un amico mi chiama avvisandomi che sta ripulendo la cantina (o forse sarebbe meglio dire "le cantine"!) di un parente della moglie purtroppo mancato qualche anno fa.

Mi dice che cè materiale che potrebbe interessarmi ed io non mi faccio pregare.

La persona che abitava in quella casa era un incredibile "accumulatore" di ogni tipo di materiale, praticamente non buttava via nulla (e sfido qualunque appassionato come me a dire che non fa altrettanto !)

Fatto sta che da una cantina di questa vecchissima casa in pietra, con pavimenti e solai in legno, salta fuori questo incredibile verricello artigianale costruito con motore e cambio di una Moto Molaroni degli anni '20 (stando a quanto si legge la fabbrica costrucì motociclette praticamente solo dal 1921 al 1925).

Renato Paganini

A friend called me and said they are cleaning up the cellar (or perhaps I should say "cellars"!) of his wife's relative who unfortunately passed a few years ago.

He tells me that there is material that could interest me and I do not have any prayers.

The person who lived in that house was an incredible "accumulator" of each type of material, practically not throw anything away (and I challenge any fan like me to says they are not same!)

The fact is that from a winery of this very old stone house with wooden floors and ceilings, it turns out this amazing craft which built with engine and transmission of a Moto Molaroni 1920s (according to what one reads the factory built motorcycles virtually only 1921 to 1925).

Courtesy Renato Paganini

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