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Parvus Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

The Motori Parvus di Prova & Sgarbi firm was established in 1919 with the intention of producing auxiliary engines to be applied without modification to any bicycle.

Their single-cylinder 98cc (or 104cc) two-stroke had an unusual inlet and exhaust solution, and the power was delivered using conventional roller transmission.

In 1923 a new 114cc model was introduced, increased to 123cc the following year.

In 1926, Parvus delegated production of their engines to the Moglia company which employed them in their Mafalda motoleggera using belt drive or chain.

Whilst the majority of Parvus output was commuter oriented, their inexpensive sports machines served as a true training ground for future champions. Riders who raced Parvus include Miro Maffeis, Mario Sivocci, Raffaele Piralla and many others.

Parvus engines were fitted to Moglia (who later acquired the firm) and Ancora motorcycles.

Source: Moto di Lombardia

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