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Prinetti & Stucchi

The Prinetti & Stucchi company was founded in Milan in 1892 by Giulio Prinetti and Augusto Stucchi to build bicycles.

The factory later began production of both automobiles and motorcycles, beginning in 1898 with tricycles powered by a De-Dion engine.

It also produced a four-stroke motorcycle.

In 1901 Giulio Prinetti, a politician, became Italian foreign minister and in 1902 the company changed its name to Stucchi & C., located in via Tortona in Milan.

The change of name appears to have been a political convenience as advertising of Stucchi & C. always contains the phrase "gia Prinetti & Stucchi".

It should be noted that the workshops of Prinetti & Stucchi employed Ettore Bugatti, who later moved to France to make his renowned cars. Bugatti rode one of their tricycles (which he *may* have designed) in the 1899 Brescia-Verona-Brescia event, winning it.

Another who worked with the company was Giuseppe Vigorelli, a talented cyclist of the era. The velodrome in Milan was named for him.

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