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S.I.M.A.M. Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Manufactured by Società Industriale Motori Accessori Motocicli, 1956-1958
Address: Via G.B. Melloni 3, later Via del Greto 30 Bologna
Founders: Mario Michelini, Bruno Negroni

After the bankruptcy of B.D.B. (Brevetti Drusiani Bologna) the firm moved to a garage in Via G.B. Melloni with Drusiani as part of the staff before he returned to F.B Mondial.

Financial considerations forced the sale of the rights of the Comet motorcycle, and these were bought by Mario Michelini and Bruno Negroni. Paride Bernardi became involved, forming an association with the Berneg< motorcycle firm. Bernardi managed the firm, and was joined by Amedeo Tigli, a former Italian Champion who had built a 175cc named Tigli.

The new company initially operated at Via Melloni 3 before moving to Via del Greto 30, in Pontelungo near the river Reno. There they built motorcycles which differed to the COMET-Drusiani in little other than the colour scheme.

In 1957 S.I.M.A.M. produced the COMET-Drusiani 175 Turismo, a SOHC 125cc single, and a twin-cylinder 250. Plans were afoot for a 125 two-stroke but it did not eventuate, and production ceased in 1958.

Source: Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Bologna