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Wistor Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Aristide Cavallotti, born in Pavia in 1888, after participating in numerous competitions, for instance the Monza Grand Prix of 1926 (Orione 125cc) had made his mark as a fast rider. Shortly after the end of the Great War he opened a shop selling bicycles and accessories in the center of Pavia, and soon began to sell motorcycles branded Wistor-DKW which are believed to have been assembled from British chassis components.

Cavallotti continued to compete successfully as a rider in Milan, and he became a representative for Orione and Casoli, brands owned by Guido Carpi.

At the beginning of the thirties built he his first motorcycle frame using the Wistor and DKW engines in 118 and 123cc displacements, creating Wistor-DKW motorcycles. The Cavallotti motorcycle shop continued into the fifties representing both BSA and MV Agusta.

It is unclear where the name Wistor originated - there is no record of such a British marque.

Source: Moto di Lombardia

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