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Orione Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Guido Carpi of Milano began construction of Orione motorcycles in 1923 with a patented auxiliary engine which appeared in advertising and price lists as a Model B. Later he also built 175cc motorcycles which achieved some competition success.

The 87cc single-cylinder two-stroke with automatic lubrication delivered 1.8 HP. Weighing 9 kg, it was mounted centrally in the frame of a bicycle and had belt drive.

Later they built the 125cc Model C. With this motorcycle Guido Carpi won the first 24 hour race in Milan in 1923.

In 1924 the R model with chain drive was introduced.

During this period they also built three-wheeled vans (motofurgoncini).

In 1927 they presented a lightweight motorcycle with a 175cc four-stroke engine and gearbox.

The Milanese company had competition success with Carlo Bocca, Enrico Adorno e Fioretto Gerbi. In 1927 Orione was victorious in a fuel consumption test organized by Motociclismo magazine.

1928 saw the racing debut of Nello Pagani, then an unknown seventeen year old employee of Orione who had been granted a place thanks to his uncle. The young man proved a capable rider and on the 125cc two-stroke Orione gained third position in the Lombardi races.

Also in 1928 the production of Orione and Casoli were combined, both marques owned by Guido Carpi. The following year the Orione brand folded due to the poor economic climate. Casoli survived for several more years

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