German Motorcycles

Germania Motorcycles



These were Laurin & Klement machines built under licence at the Seidel & Naumann typewriter factory in Dresden, which had built bicycles since about 1892. Models included 3.5hp singles and 4.5hp V-twins (or 2.5 to 6 hp according to one source). See also Slavia.

Source: Tragatsch p144

S & N
Seidel & Naumann 1901-1908
Large factory in Jungbunzlau (now Czechia) which produced Erika typewriters. Built motorcycles named Germania, and briefly produced Slavia which were L&K under licence and were all but identical to those. Requires revision
An example is in the collection of the Chemnitz museum.
Source: Tragatsch p275

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