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MAS Motorcycles

MAS 175cc Racer 1958

One of very few produced for the 1958 Italian MSDS road racing series, this delightful machine was previously part of California's Guy Webster collection, and now graces the halls of Moto Talbott. (Phil Aynsley image)

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

MAS is the acronym for Motocicli Alberico Seiling, which originally meant Motori Ausiliari Seiling (Motors Auxiliary Seiling).

Bavarian by birth but Italian by adoption, Seiling began his busy life as a manufacturer in 1920 by mounting a 125cc engine of German origin in a bicycle frame.

The MAS was well received and was joined in 1925 by 150 and 175cc models.

Seiling saw a market for cheap transportation which resulted in a line of low-powered motorized bicycles which required no license or taxation above that for bicycles.

In 1929 he created a twin-cylinder 500, and 175 and 250cc OHV singles, machines which did very well in time trials. The MAS Harlette appeared in 1929 and 1930.

In December 1935 the MAS concern was sold to Guidetti, with Seiling becoming technical director. Seiling left three years later and created the brands "6" and "Seiling" before using the name Altea.

The MAS marque continued until 1956.

MAS Models

1920 125cc cyclomoteur

1925 150cc and 175cc models.

1929 twin-cylinder 500cc; 175 and 250cc OHV singles

1929-1930 MAS Harlette

1934 Models, from catalogue:

Model 122 250cc SV

Model 127 350cc SV

Model 135 600cc SV

Model 121 218cc OHV

Model 121 SS 218cc OHV 4 speed

Model 127 SS 340cc OHV 4 speed

Model 134 SS 499cc OHV 4 speed

1935 Models, from advert (model names not given):

250 SV

350 SV

350 SV Lusso 4 speed

600 SV 4 spped

250 OHV

350 OHV

500 OHV 4 speed

1941 Tipo Militaire Biposto

1947 125cc four-stroke

1958 175cc Competition

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, et al.

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