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nigelwanless at gmail.com
Re: Mi-Val 200TV fork oil capacity
I am rebuilding the forks on my Mi-Val 200. Can anybody tell me what capacity of oil to put into each fork leg please? Also, does anybody know the tolerance length of the fork springs when not under load please?
Thank you,
Scotland www.rpt.it may have a Mi-Val manual with the information you require. Ed.
20th March 2023
tag1750 at hotmail dot com
My name is Emilio I have a 1956 Mi-Val Tipo MO Mivalino, I am looking for a wiring diagram or any information or resources you may have.
Thank you in advance.
Emilio Perhaps try the Italian resources and the Books and Manuals pages listed below. Ed.
lacokob at seznam.cz
Mi-Val 125 cmm rok 1955
Zdravím , sháním , stupačky řidiče , nálepku na nádrž , zadní světlo , nebo jen sklo , prosím o radu kde můžu sehnat Moc děkuji za odpověď
Hello, I'm looking for, driver's footrests, a sticker on the tank, a tail light, or just glass, please advise where I can get it. Thank you very much for the answer.
Ladislav Kobza
leoncino at fibertel.com.ar
decada 1960
Tienen antecedentes de la marca MI Val en Argentina?
Trans: Do you have a history of the MI Val brand in Argentina?
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sorry, not at present. Ed.
smb1962 at talktalk.net
hi have a mival 125cc 1954 engine /chasis numbers 24480 trying to find out what model it is,was told it was a sixdays ?and were can I obtain a dating certificate so I can register the bike as nearly restored,many thanks in anticipation.
stephen brown
oswestry shropshire uk

    Try a search on something like "numero del motore mi-val", and also try the Italian forums, for instance Tingavert, listed here:
    Italian Resources

suesutton101 at hotmail.co.uj
Do you know where I can get a workshop manual for the above and do you know what petrol mix it uses. We have just bought the Bike so all a bit new to us.

mark at btms.co.uk
Mival 125 SG 2T
Does anyone know about a Mival 6G 125 having gear primary drive?? Every parts list I look at is chain drive.
Mark Braithwaite
Grantham UK
danswanwick at hotmail.com
Mi-Val 125 1953
Looking for threaded (screw on) gas cap embossed with MI-VAL. Any assistance is appreciated.
Dan Swanwick
Ontario, Canada
pasquale.fiore at t-online.de
Ich besitze eine Mi Val Bj. 07.1954 125 ccm. und benötige 1Dichtungssatz für 1 Dellorto Vergasser MA 17,und Motordichtungssatz,Und 1 Tachometer,Vielleicht weiss jemand wo ich solchene Teile besorgen kann.

I own a Mi Val Bj. 07.1954 125 ccm. and need 1Dichtungsatz for 1 Dellorto Vergasser MA 17, and engine seal kit, and 1 speedometer, Maybe someone knows where I can get such parts
Ciao Pasquale.fiore
63934 Rollbach Germany

glasala at orange.fr
I have brought ths model Mi-val, but am unable to find which model it is. I can only say its 4T and i was told its a 125cc, but it does not match what i have seen. Can anyone tell me what model this is?

The one I have the logo on the tank is different from what i have seen and mine has a front fairing, which non of the other Mi-val I have seen. Was this an option for the bikes? I can only see the link no comments if there was any. Image posted in Comments

Mon, 09 Oct 2017
frankkostek at verizon.net
1958 Mival engine #56563

Hello, I just bought a 1958 Mival motorcycle, the owner only knew the year and engine size 125 cc. Can you verify the year and possibly the name of this particular model. I am also looking for parts to rebuild the engine. I also need a used/vintage veglia speedometer. Can you help with any of these items or recommend someone who can? 

Regards, Frank Kostek
Frank Kostek
Maidens, Virginia USA

Image posted in Comments

Sat Oct 01 2016
wayner at inmarindustries.com<
Mi-Val Canada
Delfino Hydrojet
I am trying to source parts for the M-Val 125cc engine used in the Delfino Hydrojet

Sat Oct 10 2015
veloruss at telus.net
Tank decals
Mi-Val 125
I saw this "Tue Jan 21 2014 alejandrobulla at yahoo.com LOGO FOR THE GAS TANK MI VAL 125 1957..."
If they still need something I may be able to offer some help.

Tue Jan 21 2014 alejandrobulla at yahoo.com

Logo for the gas tank mi val 125 1957
I'm restoring one MI VAL 125 four strokes and I need the logo MI VAL for the gas tank. At that time, the logo said CAMPIONE ITALIANO DELLA REGOLARITA 1954 and I cannot find the design with the Quality to be printed and placed again in the fuel tank. Could somebody send me this design?
Thank you very much, Alejandro Bulla Argentina

Sun Nov 25 2012
Mi-Val 75 cc
Bastidor 1954
Soy due;o de un motor Mi-Val 75 cc y no tengo el bastidor. Alguien sabe donde o como conseguir uno? Me gusta la restauracion y ademas fue mi primera motito...
Argentina, San Juan

Thu Oct 25 2012
mival personal watercraft
mival delfino
I recently found in a barn. a mival water craft(made in jonquiere quebec,canada)not italy as the one on the internet .
As the picture is a mid 50-60's(was sold for $8000.00 in 2011 ).mine is a 1940`s.
All original with stickers and all parts.couple dings in the fiberglass body but never repaired.motor is not siezed up but no start .
I have never seen on or has anybody I know.
Appently they were beeing built in quebec, on a gouverment contract in the 40's to transport troops to shore.
Talking to older people from there (jonquiere) quebec.
Only one remembers that shop but he thinks it burnt in 40-50's and heard about the craft but never saw one.
This could well be a prototype or someone brought one home kinda deal.
It is hand cranked(with a coil on top to start the engine) inboard motor with a turbine underniether,that drags you over the water (guessing this is the great grandfather to jet ski).
Do you know anything about this?
I was planning a tear down and restore of this but think it might not be a good idea,since it is mayey one of a kind .
I was wondering if you had any information on this ??i know you like wierd and old thngs.
Thanks bob

Mon Jun 11 2012
johnpgebbia<at> yahoo.com<
Mi-Val 125cc
To whom it may concern,
Please advise what oil type and wieght I should use on my 1953 Mi-Val 125cc bike.
Thank you for your time,
JP Gebbia
New Orleans, LA, USA

You will certainly be surprised to hear from me after such a long time, but finally I went to South America (Argentina) and took the pictures (of the Alpino Mi Val 125 cc yearmodel 1956) we needed : I am enclosing 42 photographs and hope that they are good enough for making an evaluation.

Best regards from Jochen Thost !

Tue Feb 03 2009
jochen.thost at tele2.se
Alpino 125 c.c. Mi Val 1956
I met a friend in Argentina who has an Alpino 125 Mi Val motorcycle in excellent original condition. What could it be worth ?

The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Finally I got the pictures of the Alpino Mi Val 125 cc yearmodel 1956 I promised You : dealing with South America means sometimes to have a great amount of patience, whether I like it or not ! Attached to these lines You will find three pictures : is this enough to make a rough estimate of the bikevalue or do You need more details and/or photographs ? Otherwise You do not have to answer until they lead to any result : thanks in advance !
I wish You Good Luck also with this enterprise !
Can anyone help with a ballpark figure on the value of this delightful classic? contact us


Thu Jun 24 2010
osonqn<at> yahoo.com.ar
argentina Mi-Val
MI-VAL 125cc año 1954/56...?
hola gente esta es mi moto! me faltan datos para saber el modelo de fabricacion!
el nro de motor es:
MI-VAL * 64055 * MI-VAL
y el de chasis es:
bueno si alguno sabe le agradezco!
Le estan terminando el motor y el retapizado del asiento ya que ese lo hicieron muy moderno. La pintura me gusta como esta. Espero en unos dias mas ponerla en marcha y ver como anda
un abrazo desde Neuquen, Argentina
Sergio Osovnikar

Fri Sep 19 2008
p41t at hotmial.co.uk
mi val 125 2 stroke
i would like to know where i can find parts workshop manuals sombody else in europe that got one anything please help cheers pat

Wed Aug 13 2008
natovolpe at hotmail dot com<
How much could I ask for my MI VAL 125 1956?
MIVAL 125cc
I want to know if someone could tell how much money could I ask for selling my motobike MIVAL? it's still running perfectly?

The page on Vintage European Motorcycle Prices may prove helpful.

Thu Jul 19 2007
piciopicio11 at supereva.it
mi val 125

can you send me photos of what you have available of the mi val 125??
thank you

this is my bike!!


Sat Mar 31 2007

allaboutair2006 at msn dot com

Mi Val

Hi, I recently was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and saw a gorgeous Mi Val two stroke in a hotel lobby.
I have attached a couple of pictures of it.

What year is it? what country was it made in?

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Sat Sep 02 2006
lodola at t-online.de

Mival Principe
Hello. I have several Mivals, also a Principe 200 CC. I look for urgently an engine for the model. Who has addresses or perhaps also an engine. Thanks Peter

Tue Dec 27 2005
pradenaluis at yahoo dot com
mival 175 cc modelo 1962
Desearia si es posible contar con datos y caracteristicas de la misma .En el momento no cuento con una foto.Para ver la posibilidad de restarurarla.

Translation: Desearia if it is possible to count on data and characteristic of the same one. At the moment nonstory with a photo. In order to see the possibility of restoring it.

Wed Nov 23 2005
yoplait-2003 at yahoo.com.ar
Hi, i have a mival ohc, but i dont know the model.The VIN number is:
frame :59141
motor :59426
Can you help me??
Eduardo from argentina.

Tue Oct 25 2005
mad-maximo at zmail.pt
Mi-Val Principe
I have a 1961 Mi-Val Principe 200, but it has some of the engine parts missing, the most important one is one of the engine caps. I would like to know where can i find some parts or eventualy a whole engine for this bike.

I is very important to me because this bike was mine back when it was new and i had lost trace of it meanwhile. Now i found it and whant to restore it for obvious reasons. Please help me, i'm in portugal and here i can´t find anything because, informations i got say that only two of these were sold in portugal.
Thanks in advance

Wed Jul 13 2005
dank at hippohands dot com
Mi-Val 175cc 4-stroke adjustments
Does anyone know the timing and points' gap settings for the above? I have replaced the clutch, and I'm ready to finish the reassembly of the points' plate. Any help would be appreciated

Tue May 10 2005
withdeanbike at hotmail dot com
Where can I get a manual in English for a 125 1952 MI-Val? How much oil should be in the sump? Thanks

Sat Apr 16 2005
dank at connection dot com<
58 Mi-Val 175cc
I recently acquired a 58 Mi-Val, 175cc. Can you help me determine the model name and if this would be a 2 or 4 stroke engine?
I appreciate your help

...Over the weekend some people told me it's a four stroke overhead valve engine. I wish I had some info on tune up specs, such as points gap, spark plug gap, etc.
I got it running this afternoon, finally, she runs good, but I detect clutch slippage, so I'll try adjusting the cable, which is pretty tight, and if it doesn't cure that, I'll need a new clutch.
Any idea of parts' sources? Maybe it's compatible with Gileras or Ducatis?
Thanks for all your efforts,

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