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Motom Motorcycles

Historical Notes

Manufactured: 1947-1971
Motom Italiana S.p.A.
20021 Baranzate di Bollate Milano - Italy

Based in Milan, Motom Italiana Spa began producing OHV 49cc clip-on bicycle motors in 1947.

Shortly after WWII Battista Falchetto of Lancia supported by businessman Frua Ernesto De Angelis began building lightweight motorcycles under 50cc, the first of which was displayed at the 1947 Geneva Motor Show. It was fitted with a 50cc engine designed by another Lancia engineer, Sola.

Motom Models include:

48 Motomic 1947-48
48 12/A 1948-49
48 12/C 1949-50
48 12/D 1951-52
48 12/E 1952-56
48 E 1954-56
48 L 1955-56
48 LL 1956-57
48 GG 1957-60
48 C 1960-70
48 D 1961-65
48 Super 1955-57
48 Super Sport 1957-62
48 Junior 1962-70
48 Cross 1964-69
51 1957-60
51 L 1957-60
Morandi 1959 Competition
60 S 1960-69
92 1962-63
98 T 1955-60
98 TS 1955-60
100 Junior 1964-69
160 Delfino 1952-56

Sources:, Henshaw, et al.

johnny_eriksson_nc at hotmail . com
To get my Motom 98TS (or 98 T) registered in Sweden I need information (paper-copies) based on the producer of the Motom with chassie ID A*1929* and Engine ID A*1821*.
Do you have any idea how to get a contact for an investigation of the history of this motorbike?
Br Johnny E Perhaps contact one of the Swedish clubs, and also try the page on Moped Resources which lists a Swedish site - The 98TS is not a moped, but many other models were.
Motom-1955c-98TS-JEr image posted to Comments.

sailor11119 at
1958 Motom
1958 motom 48 VIN "23660M" what can you tell me about this Motorcycle. Are spare parts available
David Brown

Moped Resources may offer more information.
f_cimmino at sky.con GT
Motom48 c 1962
i need to know the engine torque settings before i go ahead and restore it, can you help? Frame No. 4A-45486 motor 48-20893
Frank Cimmino
Liverpool UK

Try this page: Books and Manuals
Also have a look at

lukas.stekly at
Motom 48 1956
per favore, ti piacerebbe avere un carburatore SH 14/9/2 per Motom 48?
Grazie in anticipo per la risposta e scusandomi per la parolaccia, scrivo dalla Repubblica Ceca usando un traduttore.
Buona giornata, Stekl
Žiželice CZ
please, would you like to have a SH 14/9/2 carburettor for Motom 48?
Thanks in advance for your reply and apologizing for the dirty word, I am writing from the Czech Republic using a translator.
Have a nice day, Stekl

Sat Oct 08 2011
Spare parts for Motom 12D
Motom 12D
Is there a source of spare parts for Motom 12D's?
Also handbook giving lubricants and engine settings

Tue Jan 25 2011
arno-andrieu<at>yahoo dot com<
For sale
Complete and in nice condition

Sun Dec 05 2010
it's possible to send me many pictures of details (command,headlight,switch ignition-light of original Motom 60S ? mine is modified i and want restore one original model..

Tue Feb 09 2010
maybe02 at
hello I search technical informations for my MOTOM 60 S...If you have this, contact me

Mon Aug 25 2008
juancabusi at
motom 51 todas
poseo una Motom 51 del año 1957 acabao de restaurarla me llevo 8 años. es la tercera que restauro si alguien necesita algo o algun asesoramiento gustoso

Thu Dec 27 2007
pacifico.dimarco at
motom g.g.48

sarei interessato grazie per invio foto

Wed May 10 2006
johnny at johnnyfarina dot com<
nonno's Motom Motom<
12274 "star"
a few years ago my grandfather passed away in Molise Italy, he left behind a Motom Motom, which there is a photo of myself and my grandfather riding it. My sistrer just now shipped Motom to me in Ottawa, Canada It's totally stripped and the frame has been sanblasted and primed. I want to restore it to a "T" but I don't know much about it
the framer has a number and an actual star at the end of the numbers what info can theres numbers give me 12274 "star"
Canada, Ontario Ottawa

Many Italian machines have the star - an asterisk, I think it is - but I don't know the purpose. It is often at both ends of the number. Ed.

Mon Mar 13 2006
dwb1 at mchsi dot com<
1961 Motom 48
I need to find a Licsense bracket for the rear fender.
Hutchinson Mnnesota

The ebay item number is 4611003726. I bought it. Is there not a direct link to the Company?

Motom ceased manufacture in 1964. There is no site for the company. Ed.

Wed Jun 08 2005
heartbeatclassics at btopenworld dot com<
Motom Mopeds
Do you know if there are any parts availble for these mopeds?
I have heard there are in Italy but have not been able to find any leads, Many Thanks

Mon May 09 2005
steila1 at

Salve e possibile avere qualche foto dei motom che ha disponibile sono interessato all'acquisto
cordiali saluti stellato

Translation: Safe and possible to have some photograph of the motom that has available I am interested to the purchase
cordial greetings starry

March 27th 2005
1957 MOTOM 60S at Ebay
Vehicle Description
 I am offering for sale an interesting MOTOM 60S that has been part of my 20 year collection of Italian motorcycles in Los Angeles. This model is a fairly rare derivation of the more common MOTOM 48 moped. The original 48 came with pedals which classifies it as a moped. The 60S was made as a proper little motorcycle and for some weird reason, known only to the factory engineers, had the cubic capacity increased to 51cc. This was done by fitting a different and quite bigger cylinder and thereby calling it the 60S , although the engine capacity actually works out to 51cc.

Overhead valve 4 stroke. 3 speed foot change. A proper little "Thumper" in good running condition once you have mastered the strange starting procedure! There are a few electrical glitches that I have not attempted to fix as I am hopeless with wiring. The aluminum chain case is cracked and poorly repaired (see photo) but this part is held on by 3 screws and Motom parts are still available in Italy. Sold new without speedo so actual mileage is unknown. Sold with Bill of Sale only...

February 18th 2005
Motom Junior 1963
Motorino "MOTOM" 50cc 1958
MOTOM 92 92cc 1957 at

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