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BMI Bicycle Engines


1934 - 1937

Bilthovense Metaal Industrie, 22, Rembrandtlaan Bilthoven.

The first machine Beyermans built was a bicycle auxiliary engine, developed whilst working at another firm which did not show much interest in the project. He left and formed his own company where he produced 80cc engines which were housed in Sengers bicycle frames. These could be ordered complete or as separate components - Sengers were in the same street. Sales were not strong due to competition from the superior DKW RT98, but the engines were used in numerous other transport and industrial applications.

In 1937 a 175cc prototype motorcycle was developed but it did not enter production. The machine is believed to have been part of the Louwman Museum collection.

Sources: Conam Netherlands, De Nederlandse Motorhistorie ~ Piet Cornet.

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