Tickle Manx Nortons

Tickle motorcycles were produced from 1969 to 1973, by John Tickle, of Enesbury, St. Neots, later Peterborough. He and his wife Cathy were well known in the sport as a sidecar racing team.

Tickle bought the rights to build Manx Nortons from fellow sidecar racer Colin Seeley who had purchased them from AMC after the Norton firm ceased production.

John was already well established in the market making performance brakes, clip-ons and other sports accessories, and subsquently expanded the business to include Manx spare parts and complete DOHC motorcycles, the 350cc T3, the 500cc T5 and the 650cc T6. Some of these were very similar to the original Manx apart from the high-level exhaust and Tickle frame. Others bore only a remote resemblance to the originals with a (very) different tank, brakes, forks. They were also considerably lighter and faster.

The machines were built until 1973. In 1978 he sold the rights to the Manx name to Unity Equipe, who sold them to Andy Molnar in 1994.

John Tickle was a highly skilled designer, and later developed products for sailing and swimming. He ran a yachting business in the South of England (he sailed across to the IOM with his motorcycle aboard to race at the TT) and spent his retirement years on the west coast of Wales, at times flying model aircraft.

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