Polish Motorcycles

Motorcycles Built in Poland

Notes on some of the rarer Polish marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis.
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Henryk Fabjanski of Pilica built a motorcycle c1942 fitted with a Sachs 98cc engine. Only one was constructed.

Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland

Manufactured by Jan Raczynski in Warsaw 1929-1939
These were 50cc auxiliary bicycle engines mounted within the triangle of a strenghened bicycle frame.
Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice

This was a shaft-drive motorcycle manufactured in 1937 using a 346cc single cylinder two-stroke engine.

Source: Tragatsch p196

Stefan Malcherek of Poznan built 50cc and 98cc motorcycle engines from 1937 to 1939, and possibly post-war until the early 1960s.
Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland

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Manufactured by Gustav Rózychi and K. Zuber, Katowice 1937-1939

128cc motorcycles were produced using two-stroke engines of their own design. When war came, the factory was occupied by the Germans, Rózychi was sent to Dachau, and Zuber escaped and took part in the Battle of Britain.

Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland

Established in 1894 by Nochim Starowolski in Gradno, the firm built bicycles and sewing machines, and motorcycles from 1934 to 1939.
Built 75cc lightweights in male and female versions, along with a 98cc motorcycle. Both employed Sachs engines. They also built Villiers-powered machines of 98cc, 125cc and 150cc.
Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland


The company was established in 1904 to built marine and industrial engines at Grochowska Street 309-317, Warsaw.

Motorcycles were manufactured 1938-1939

Based on designs of the Baker and Excelsior motorcycles from Britain, the were powered by 98cc Villiers engines built under licence, with 125cc engines optional. They also produced three-wheel commercial vehicles based on their motorcycles. Plans were afoot to build larger machines and an agreement with Panther had been entered, but then war broke out.

Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland


Manufactured in Warsaw, 1970-

Using Puch engines in locally produced frames the company built road-going and off-road motorcycles with 4-speed and 6-speed gearboxes.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice

Manufactured by Zakłady Wyrobów Metalowych (ZWM) 1959-1965
The first mopeds were fitted with a 49.8cc SM01 engine, with later models fitted with the SM38 as used in the Zak.
Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland


Manufactured by Szczecinska Fabryka Motocykli in Szczecin (Stettin), in the buildings formerly occupied by Stoewer Werke AG.
The firm built four-stroke motorcycles from 1956 to 1964. These were Junak M07 models, which they improved over the period. Lack of demand for the model brought an end to production.
Source: Wikipedia PL

There were two SM marques built in Poland.
1. 1930-1935 Alfred Schweitzer & Eduard Mandelot, Warsaw, built the SM500
2. 1937-1939 Stefan Malcherek, Poznan, built the SM 98 two-stroke, the engines being used by other manufacturers under the marques WNP 98 and Zuch 98. When Poland was attacked by both the Germans from the West and the Russians from the East under the pact which Putinists now deny existed, the Polish motorcycle industry, along with all others, came to a halt.
Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice

Manufactured 1938-1939
Wilhelm Tornow established his bicycle factory in 1904 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Built lightweight motorcycles using 98cc engines from A. Steinhagen & H. Stransky of Warsaw. The war brought a halt to motorcycle production.
Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland

WFM (Warszawska Fabrica Motocyklowa) built, among others, the successful Osa scooter.
Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland


Manufactured by Zakłady Wyrobów Metalowych (ZWM), 1960-1963

A cheaper version of the Ryś moped, the Zak was fitted with a 50cc two-stroke SM38 engine.

Source: Zabytkowemotocykleirowery Poland