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Alpha Motorcycles

Manufactured by Nilo Maso i Miró in Barcelona, 1924-1957.

Motorcycles were built using 175 and 250cc two-stroke engines from Villiers and DKW, and became a market leader in the years preceding the Civil War.

Subsequently the firm reconstructed military machines and built bicycle engines marketed under the Celta brand which were fitted to both powered bicycles and utility tricycles. These were two-strokes of 75cc, and similar stationary engines were constructed.

In 1949 they obtained a licence from MV Agusta and built the MV Alpha until 1951 in 98cc and 125cc capacities. The MV was fast evolving and Alpha did not have the technical resources to continue, resulting in the licence being passed to Avello.

In the following years the firm built utility tricycles and a 175cc motorcycle, and worked with Evycsa building four-stroke motorcycles.

They closed in 1957.

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N.B. Several firms use the name Alpha

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